Arizona Republic editor responds to death threats following Clinton endorsement


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If it’s okay for a corrupt so-called “newspaper” to back Crooked Hillary, it’s also okay for us Patriots to threaten to burn the building down and murder its staff!
It’s a little thing called “Free Speech”, Bingbong! Look it up! In the Constitution!*


  • Trump 2016!


This country needs the political equivalent of a “safe word”.


Have you ever made a serious/non sarcastic comment on BB? Just curious.


Modus is pure Modus. Do not question the Modus because, like a dream, Modus cannot be defined beyond being Modus


Apparently, this comment was in earnest:


He’s just sayin’ what everyone is afraid Trump supporters are thinkin’.


I pegged Modus’s comments as more satire than anything else.


I would have just said to them “The fact that you are making death threats only proves that we were correct to endorse Hillary Clinton, and that the Trump campaign is appealing to the electorate’s basest instincts.”


Have I ever mentioned that Arizona is the Missippi of the SouthWest? I think I have…


Either that or he/she thought they were crap…


Start your own goddamn paper and endorse Trump … shit, endorse him to be the new permanent king-till-death of America for all I care.


Couldn’t a person be arrested for making a death threat? Oh wait…Arizona.


Are there really people who love political parties? I’d be hard-pressed to find one likable.


No, there in ZonyLand you get something free, like a sunburn.


When you spend so much time and effort pandering to the unhinged fringe you lose the right to be surprised by this sort of thing…


Sarcasm can be, and often is, serious.


We asked. Maybe we shouldn’t have trusted the answer. They were neat though.


Trump supporters are thugs and killers and some, I assume, are good people.