Interesting untethered VR system

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What does “untethered” mean in this context? The user still wears wired goggles and is strapped into a chair in the ball. Maybe if the ball were bigger, and the user could run around in it like a hamster? And there were screens on the inside instead of goggles?

I still remember when Out Run came out. I couldn’t play it myself due to lack of $0.25’s but there were always a few people behind the machine watching the lucky kids play and drooling.

Now get off my lawn.


I am very much reminded of Sega’s R360 system:

I just want a casual flight simulator with no visible cockpit. I want to fly over and explore new lands and using a rig like this would make it all the more believable.

That said, I tend to fail so hard core that I would expect the ball to detach and for me to go rolling down the arcade, with workers saying, “ it’s not supposed to do that!“

Also, I need air. That seems a little claustrophobic.


I’m very excited about the possibilities of more human-locomotive driven vr systems, to be honest, but I know there’s a ton of people that are into cockpit games.

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I’m assuming there are no wires crossing the ball barrier so that it can flip around all day.


Please insert 125 AA batteries to proceed.


I wonder, do these systems lean you back more when you accelerate? In that way using gravity to simulate the G forces that you would otherwise feel from accelerating? Otherwise this would probably not feel as realistic as it looks.

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That’s the whole point I believe - pretty leaned back at 0:46

It must check for seat belts being connected? What if some no-mask/no-seat-belter connects them and sits on them, effectively beltless? He gets tumbled around as if he was in a dryer?

That’s pretty cool, but I’m out. I tried a sitting one with a 180’ VR helmet a few months before the pandemic and it was near vomit inducing. And that was doing a racing sim rather than a flight sim. Nope, nope, nope.

I’d only really worry if they had kids in the back!

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