International Human Rights Day - 10th December - yay!

“Dignity and justice for all of us”

And Universal Declaration of Human Rights! Yay!

Amidst the rash of attacks and killings by psychotics, loners and others, let’s always keep sight of where we’re trying to go, and not just the awfulness we’re struggling against.

We all voted for it! Ok, some naughty nations didn’t - but we did!

Read the text - it’s modern, simple, clear and worthwhile:

If anyone has serious disagreements with anything in there - why, let’s set up a UDHR thread and play!

Happy dignity and security, everyone!


I totally agree with it of course, because I’m not a fundamentalist zealot (Terrorist, Republican politician, 24 hour news pundit, etc.)

I wish there was a ‘responsibilities’, like a responsibility not to endanger others and a responsibility to fight one’s biases when trying to influence the lives of others.

I suppose that’s something we have to not be raised to disbelieve though…I guess until that stops being a thing being responsible has to be an option, eh?

+1 Citizen for Rights + Responsibilities land here!


I read these to my kids tonight - the UN page has a link to a great download with cute pics - and they were fascinated.

What fascinates me is why kids aren’t shown this at least once during school. It’s so lightweight, 20 minutes and you’re done.

Unless of course - we all voted it just to avoid embarrassment! How could we keep up politically useful societal arbitrage if we actually implemented it!?


Oh, and this one would make an excellent poster!


“Everyone is entitled to these rights”.

Fairly indisputable, that.


“No one can take away any of your rights?” What?

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Don’t tell me you didn’t know?!

If it’s okay for those rights to be taken away from you, then it’s okay for you to take those rights away from other people…which means we’d always have an escape clause when trying to push countries (like our own) into the realm of non-assholery.

It’s not like they just pulled that out of their butt or anything.

Aha I misread it as “nobody is able to take away your rights,” which would be very strange bullshit indeed.

Want to keep a friendly thread!

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