UK home secretary wants to overturn human rights treaties and make terror suspects stateless


starts reading articles about starting one’s own nation state


It might be worth noting how these statelessness laws came into being–in Eichmann in Jerusalem, Arendt describes the convoluted process by which Jews were made stateless during WWII so that there could be no legal or judicial recourse for them in the concentration camps. After the war this led directly to the international human rights laws concerning asylum and statelessness. It sounds like that’s the legal history she’s wanting to undo.


Article 15, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
•(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
•(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

Would love to see this stupid cow go up in flames and I mean literally.


She has repeatedly said that a UK passport is a “privilege, not a right”.

No, Minister May, having a home country is a right, and a fact of existence - not something you can erase if it becomes inconvenient to whomever happens to be in power this week. However, having taste in your mouth is a privilege, and if you say something this astoundingly evil again, I sincerely hope someone slaps it right out.


Theresa May
Has had her day
I wish she’d just fkff

Saying that this leads to statelessness seems misleading. As far as I can tell from the article, this would involve revoking the passport, much like what the United States did to Snowden, instead of withdrawing citizenship (these people would still be British citizens much like Snowden is still a US citizen, just passport-less). Now, whether or not the right to revoke a passport is good policy or not is definitely up for debate, but it is a totally different debate than one about rendering someone stateless.

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True, but her evil endeavour has as its objective the stranding of that citizen in the country they find themselves in at the time - leaving that place to deal with the person, terrorist or not.

Thank Golly GWB didn’t think of this, what with his “tourists” and all. Would be a real Samuel a Becket situ.


Well, the Americans have thought of this, just executed it differently given their convenient geographic isolation. They just put people they don’t like on the no fly list as soon as they’re overseas (which apparently extends to shipping as well).

And I agree, the motives are troubling.


Even when the feudals did this, they had the sense to have banishment last no more than a year and a day. A collection of the permanently banished can only grow into a whole heap of trouble.


That’s a pretty disgusting, if historically tried and true tactic.
One caveat though - UK citizens are also citizens of the EU, with a right to free movement in the Union. Knowing the general ECJ stance on this, I’m quite sure this wouldn’t fly on the level of the EU law.


I think the main use of this will be against immigrants who gain citizenship and then turn against their new country. We’ve seen this in Canada, UK, and the US. Citizenship is then definitely a priviledge.

If they act treasonously then I am completely for revoking citizenship. Let them go where they may. They are no longer welcome to a home that had welcomed them with open arms. And if it’s warranted, let a Predator finish them off.

Only that’s never ever fucking ever warranted, you see.


Based on whose criteria? Yours, NSA, GCHQ, Teresa Mays?


For your sake, may you never find yourself on the wrong side of whatever ideology has taken the day.


Calling for the revoking of citizenship seems treasonous to me. Are you going to give up yours now? Teresa May should definitely give up hers.


Phshaw! That could never happen to honest, right-thinking folk! The very idea!


Hmmm, well it’s definitely never, never ever happened before. I swear! After all, all boys are called John and all girls Jill.

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Note that she wants to be able to do this to suspects. People accused of crimes. I hope you do realise all that is implied, if she gets that precedent established.

The very day after Remembrance day, I read that a UK government minister advocates policies that wouldn’t sound out of place coming from a Nazi. Lest we forget indeed.


She’s already taken the citizenship away from 21 UK citizens who have dual nationality.

People have gone abroad, only to find they have no way back into the UK.