New York state sues Trump admin for Global Entry ban against NYers

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Lawyers are making bank in the age of trump.



So it’s communal punishment then, is it? There’s a lot of Trump fans in this god-forsaken state (lifelong resident here), so I’m happy that they are getting fucked the same as the rest of us.


And it’s not even about the ‘green light’ policy - that’s just a way to give the move a legally plausible rationale. It’s about getting back at New York for suing over the tax returns and sending Schumer to Washington.

I predict that in October, NY will be the first state to actually have its non-Real-ID drivers’ licenses rejected by the TSA. Just in time for the election: “Vote Trump, or face four years of being banned from airplanes!” (The Second Circuit will be unable to hear the appeal because its judges will be banned from the courthouse.)


This was completely predictable. Lots of the Trump administration’s policies have been overturned. He gets the attention and self-gratification that he wants and everybody gets riled up and some are overturned in the courts. The more absurd the political or personal revenge, the faster it’s overturned.

Where we need to focus are the ones that are upheld.


Who controls the property taxes, utilities and police/fire protection for Trump Tower again?

But more seriously - he pissed off every hedge fund manager living on Central Park West.


Probably by design, because some hedge fund shorted one of his businesses.


Good luck with taking those guys on Donnie. They’ll sink your biz operations. And close the donations spigot.


He’s betting that he doesn’t need the donations any more. He can steal as much as he pleases from the taxpayers.


Collective punishment for entire regions that don’t show sufficient loyalty to the regime: America, 2020.


How are they able to single out a specific state and what is their given reason?

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Oooh, ooh, I know this one. Because we’re sliding towards fascism and because they say so.


The Oregon DMV has already announced that Oregonians won’t be able to use our driver licenses to board flights starting in October. They won’t be able to issue RealID-compliant licenses until June and then not very quickly, so they’ve been all over public media advising travelers to get passports.


Press reports have concentrated on Global Entry, but a lot more people use TSA Precheck, another trusted traveler program.

Meanwhile, Real-ID is continuing unabated. This is garbage, from bluer than blue CA:

Go ahead and sue every time Donnie pulls a stunt but this is arguing over what propellant burns down the republic faster. Immigration enforcement policy is just the topic at hand, the principal at stake is about national ID and we aren’t supposed to have a national ID, period. Bad enough no one has batted an eye about SSNs being used as one for the last 40 years. Democrats have been bad on this stuff for so long I can’t help but see this lawsuit as pathetic concern trolling. Rarely gave an actual shat about privacy and gov’t ID and databases before but now that it’s about RESISTANCE suddenly they’ll go to the mat. Bah. I’d be more impressed if they’d spent any political capital at all to block Real ID. Or even if bluer than blue CA would just not ask for a SSN when applying for a driver’s license. It’s supposed to be evidence of being licensed to drive, not ID.


You took the words right outta my fingertips.

Governmental litigation is at an all time high, thanks to that Orange Fucking Occupant.


“The administration has said it would lift the Trusted Traveler ban if New York granted them access to motor vehicle records.”

Err…quid pro quo revisited?


In 2016 we traveled to see family in Oklahoma and I was a little surprised to see that there were far fewer trump signs there than here in NY. Though it may have been from lack of political engagement and/or a gop candidate being a foregone conclusion there, it was still surprising.

Also, as a resident of NY for only half of my life, you should try living somewhere else. There are a lot of issues here, but I don’t miss Missouri (or Ok) one fucking bit.

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Just out of curiosity, why should there not be a national ID card? And please don’t say because the founders said so, as they are all dead.