US to require air travelers to show 'gold star' at airports in order to fly

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Starting next year you won’t be able to board a plane without REAL ID.


Races off to kids’ classroom to get a gold star to stick in my passport …



I’m curious what you extra level of civil liberty loss you opt into when you do get a Real ID.


not sure - CA DMV just wanted to see 2 proofs of residence (bills), proof of my SSN (W-4 form) and passport, though i’m not sure the passport was a hard requirement; there might have been some other form of ID that worked too. it’s on CA’s DMV website…


Will it do as much as removing shoes at airports? Perhaps even as much as not allowing toothpaste tubes greater than 30 grams?


Oregon won’t be issuing the Real IDs until 2020, so there will be a big rush at the last minute.

But, not to worry! “The DMV is in the midst of a major IT overhaul. This project replaces the current computer system and, among many other improvements, allows DMV to issue Real ID cards beginning July 6, 2020”

Gee, I wonder how far over budget and after ‘deadline’ that will get done? But the TSA will require Real ID as of Oct 1, 2020. Hoo boy!

But if you don’t have the Real ID, the TSA will just ask for my passport. OOPS! Mine is expired. Ah, that’s $145, plus I’ll still need to update my Oregon driver’s license at some point.

Sigh… the cost of living ‘free’.


You may already have a REAL ID compliant identification…

Your passport will work, even if it’s not US passport, as will a green card.


At the very least, Real ID is a system to deny freedom of movement to undocumented aliens in states where they can get DL’s, like California. I just renewed my license for another 5 years, and opted out of real ID (I have a passport.) Conveniently, this bit of protest saves me hours of standing in line at the DMV office.


what’s crazy is - i was just in london and went thru heathrow. thought i was going thru the pornoscanner and then they put me thru the magnetometer. they didn’t make anyone take off their shoes or belts, so i went thru low-tech security wearing my shoes.

didn’t the shoe bomber originate in paris? does CDG make you take your shoes off?

if not, why does the US care? they are OK with flights originating in the UK landing in the US where the passengers have walked thru security with their shoes on, why the hell do we need to take off our shoes for domestic flights???




Because this is a democracy, and if the public could just walk through metal detectors and the like then shoe bombers would kill us all. Or at least voters would start worrying if we weren’t being protected, anyway.




In Florida it was;
Passport OR certified birth certificate OR certificate of naturalization.
Proof of your SSN
Proof of residency.

I had to get my 6 year old an ID card so she could fly with Grandma to Kansas,


With REAL ID, TSA agents will use softer gloves when conducting full body cavity searches. AND, they’ll whistle while they do it.


In California, you need:

  • One document with date of birth and full name (e.g., valid, unexpired US passport or certified US birth certificate).
  • One document with SSN and name (e.g., Social Security card or W-2 form).
  • Two proofs of residency, with first and last name and same mailing address as driver’s license (e.g., utility bill or mortgage bill).

It’s kind of weird that I now have to prove that I am the same person whose ugly mug has been in their database for over 40 years. Show us your papers, comrade!


The requirements here in California for a Real ID are the same as I used less than 3 years ago to get a license here. Yet I can’t use my California license to get a Real ID. Bureaucracy, just a pile of paper work with no significance.


i get that it is security theater but assuming the UK takes this stuff seriously as well, then what they are doing should be good enough. absolutely everyone i’ve ever talked to absolutely hates the drill (shoes/belt) at the TSA checkpoint…

well the thing is i’ve had a drivers license in CA for like 35 years and way back then we didn’t have to provide all that stuff. assuming they could tell who provided what kind of info to get the plain driver license, i’m sure the feds didn’t want a loophole that would allow people the squeak thru.

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Isn’t this a restriction on “Freedom of Movement?” Isn’t that something something constitution?