Oregon becomes first US state to issue nonbinary gender on IDs

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/17/oregon-becomes-first-us-state.html


Go Oregon!

The serene sound of bigoted heads 'sploding is just gravy :relaxed:


This doesn’t solve much, unfortunately. We’ve all heard stories of trans people, or even girls with short hair, being ordered to prove their gender by some nitwit clerk. They need a law allowing everyone to simply choose, no questions asked.


Oregon joins the Resistance, with a walloping umph! Go Oregon!


Why must there be a mandate to designate a gender at all?


I don’t understand why the argument wasn’t just to remove the gender designation from drivers licenses at all. It really isn’t necessary on ID that includes a photo.

I seriously doubt this will stop at a mere three choices.


Photos are for authenticating that the bearer of the license is who they claim they are. You cant always determine the sex of a person from a photo reliably much less what gender they believe themselves to be.

If you have a court-legal gender designation, what’s the harm in listing it officially on your ID?

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FTFY free of charge.


Why do you need a gender on an ID?

My driving (Norwegian) licence doesn’t have it.


Why is this important?


We’ll take all the small victories we can get.


Neither does my UK ( and I’d assume the rest of the EU countries are following the same standards).

Might be more of an issue in the US as it’s a more common form of ID compared to the passport.


I use my driving licence as ID every time I collect medicines from the chemist.

Although the OP definitely frames this from the perspective of being helpful to transgendered people, it is also more generally helpful. I do not have any sound statistics, but I suspect that more agender than transgender people are nonbinary. It is also great news for agender, intersex, as well as the gender-queer/fluid/fuck people.


so you can determine what bathroom they belong in. /s


It generally is part of the authentication process. I’ve known a few cases where people looked nearly identical or very close to family members of the other sex or even friends/acquaintances of the other sex who would routinely use the other person’s govt issued ID card/drivers license in cases such as buying alcohol, driving when their own license was suspended, etc. I’ve also seen this fail spectacularly because of five o’clock shadow, deep or high voices, makeup or names that were in no way aligning to the sex of the person on the ID card. On the other hand I have seen this use of another person’s ID work successfully.

And we’ve all heard of people using the ID of someone else of the same gender, so, ignoring wrong-name-saying-idiots and the people with characteristics which you assume eliminates any gender confusion*, are you expecting the clerks to check genitals or something?

* I can kind of understand mentioning the five o’clock shadow, but make-up? Is it impossible, somehow, for a man to wear make-up. Have you never met a man with a high voice or a woman with a low one?


No, just answering the question about photo IDs and the process of authenticating identity.

The failure case was more about women in makeup presenting an ID which might have worked otherwise.

I probably should have included something about voice timbre there as well beyond register.

And then not thinking through your answer. How are the ID checkers supposed to check gender?

Ah, i see! So it’s women who won’t not wear make-up in photos!