California becomes first to recognize nonbinary genders on state IDs

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Hey ho way to go California! Proud to live here.

In other news, our ‘president’ ‘joked’ about his vice president… well, here is the quote that is making the rounds (film at 11?)

When the conversation moved from abortion to gay rights, the president pointed toward Pence and said: “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”


X is way more me than anything else. Thanks Rebel State of California!


Sure, what’s next? Raccoons with driver’s licenses? /s



No. That Was Oregon in June of this year.


It does seem like such a document trail would be very useful to President Pence, doesn’t it?

I applaud California and Oregon’s decisions, but seriously - IMPEACH PENCE FIRST.


Worth it just for the experience of watching neocons’ heads explode.

Also, we know from experience that whatever happens in California eventually happens to the rest of the country, whether good (strict car emission standards), bad (draconian three-strikes laws) or neutral (millennials on razor scooters). Nice to have another checkbox in the “good” column.


I’ve just never understood why the state needs to know your gender.


“Ha, ha, get it? Because LGBT people are frequent targets of violent hate crimes, and Pence supports anti-LGBT policies! That’s what makes it so funny! Also, watch out for my buddy Sessions here around those colored folk, amirite??”


Yay! Proud to be represented by my state senator Scott Wiener.

Technically the existing ID cards say “sex,” not “gender.” I wonder if that will change.

I believe the stated justification for including that on a state-issued ID card is the same as for including eye color, height, weight, etc. in that it can be relevant information for identifying the individual in question. But by the same reasoning, this change makes total sense for IDs because a person who identifies as non-binary likely won’t present clearly as one gender or the other.


Both, I should think. Though many intersex people do identify with one of the traditional binary genders or the other.


Oh great, now God’s gonna smite California.

What’s that you say? He’s busy smiting Florida and red, red Texas?

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He’s already smiting California, but he’s focusing much of His wrath on wine country for some reason so He’s really punishing everybody.


No, you have it reversed. Putting Raccoon as your species on your DL would be next.

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Did a shitload of comments get purged? A past comment of mine was on topic and it’s not on here, and noticing most of the comments are gone o,o

Gender presentation in the traditional masculine/feminine sense =/= gender identity
for example i am non binary AFAB but often appear “feminine” to people because i like to present as a femme gay boy
i know there is this impresssion that non binary people mostly look like butch lesbians or whatever but part of that is that a lot of non binary folks don’t want to explain their identity to people who will ask “then why do you look like a _____?” and therefore appear cis to most people
and lots of folks who fully identify in the binary don’t dress like it, or look like it, for example my hella butch girlfriend, further confusing anyone who expects appearance to conform to a letter printed on a piece of plastic
another thing about this is that if people want data on nb people it will be very easy to find, which is good if you want to convince people that we exist via government records, but very very bad if some fuckass wants to target trans people

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