White supremacy, minus gerrymandering: California GOP reduced to "third party status"


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So the two responses from conservatives after their defeat are: “hey Dems, you won, but don’t give the people who elected you what they want now that you can afford it or they’ll … ummm … hate you and revolt” and “It’s not the orange monster in the White House but “dark money” (which the GOP never takes) that caused our loss, so we’re going to double down on the xenophobia and white nationalism and accusing the Dems of cheating more successfully than we did.”

Desperation and denialism are all that’s left when they can’t cheat. Good.


Does anyone have the stats on how many of the recent Congressional gains were redstate pickups vs how much was finishing off the bluestate GOP?

Edit to add:

At a cursory glance, that looks to be mostly bluestate gains.


If the GOP wasn’t so racist they would have seen the rising Latinx population as a boon for their party. As a group Latin American immigrants share a lot of the values Republicans pretend to care about: they’re culturally conservative, attend church regularly, often work blue-collar jobs such as farming in America’s heartland, etc. They even invented cowboys for crying out loud.

Some Repubulicans such as the Bush family actually seemed to see the writing on the wall here and actively courted them for a while. For all his many, serious faults GWB was still more reasonable on the immigration issue than almost anyone in his party (and a fair number of Dems for that matter). The Bushes even have a bunch of Latinx people in their extended family.

Then the rest of the party decided to double down on the bigotry angle so they could get the xenophobes to turn out for one or two more election cycles. Destroying their own party’s future (and dragging the country down with it) for short-term gain.


The Rebel State of California asks you to join the REBELLION!

Time is now to make Nazi / TGOP / White Supremacists / etc. etc. very nervous.

@Wanderfound: The Orange County Cal. hasn’t gone blue in 4 decades, and now it’s all blue, so there’s that…


Heheh Jeb courted, and then wed. :slight_smile:


I bet it gets harder and harder to face the in-laws every Christmas.


Heheh oh, rich people really are above all of that, don’t you know?


That was supposed to be their lesson after Mitt Romney lost in 2012 – that they need to embrace immigration and immigrants lest they see their old-white-man base get older and deader. Instead, they took exactly the opposite lesson from 2012 and doubled down on racism and xenophobia. It worked surprisingly well in 2016, or at least well enough (Trump took the electoral college by only about 50,000 votes in three Midwestern states). But the larger lesson from 2018 is a return to “normal,” as the suburbs roundly rejected Republican candidates.


Still bluestate, though.

It looks like the recent results were mostly due to the already-blue states getting bluer, rather than any significant change in the redstates. As in the antebellum era, the parties are increasingly regional.

It matters for Presidential and Senatorial elections; so long as the redstates remain red, the GOP controls the nation, no matter how blue California becomes.


This is truth. All the same, red state repubs look at California as a failure. This is a problem. How do the Dems get the red states to see what’s going on in the blue states and how the red states could benefit from similiar programs.


The house count is 45 to 8. Hardly what I would call third party status, since third parties effectively do not exist in the US.


The more immediate problem is “how can the redstate GOP be dislodged while they are in charge of administering the elections?”.

See Georgia.


It’s just 2 years out till the general election, let’s not circle the progressive wagons and start shooting each other, that’s just what the Russian President of the United States wants.

The Mid Terms are a success for the Left, call it what you want, but the TGOP pooped a big turd from the top of their ticket & way down ballot, FACT! Kibitz the details, I’m taking the win…


Voter fraud is real. It says so in the official Republican dictionary: fraudulent vote = a vote for a Democrat.


They did. Way back in the ancient days of the year 2000. If you remember Bush II Bush with a Vengeance ran on a platform of “compassionate conservatism”. He wasn’t just “much better” on the subject. Immigration reform, including amnesty and pathways to citizenship, was a central part of his campaign. Dude was out regularly given speeches in Spanish. That’s also the period that gave us Hispanic Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The party was aggressively recruiting Latinos, especially from the Cuban American community (at one time a pretty solid GOP block). And the sudden importance of state level politicians from Texas and the Southwest was very much about promoting politicians who presumably appealed to the Hispanic population. So it wasn’t just Bush’s personal interest on that one.

There was a lot of talk about how the GOP was going to reach out to Latinos, and how they would be a key piece of the GOP coalition in the future. Obviously it was all of the GOP, but a solid chunk of the leadership viewed it as critical.

Then the Tea Party, Obama and a bunch of other shit happened. The 2010 gerrymanders and the voter suppression plan. And the right wing obsession with ideological purity purged a whole hell of a lot of people.

There’s still a bit of lip service to reaching out to Latinos, but the white nationalist end of the party won out.


Yeah, I wrote about that in the paragraph immediately following the one you quoted.


Makes sense. Everything’s super-partisan now, and red states are gerrymandered to fuck, so the blue (urban) pockets get disenfranchised. Red states get redder.


Hardly surprising that the anti-california party is doing more and more poorly in California.


Excuse me? “Borderline fraudulent turnout rates”??? WTF? Does that mean that if 1000 fraudulent voters had shown up, there would have been 1000 fraudulent voters. . . we were that close to having fraud? The problem with the Republicans is that they keep fronting idiots like Shawn Steel.