California gets ready to punch back

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Wait, are you serious?

Seriously, we’re very unlikely to secede. But even if we did nobody suggested we need is seriously planning to build a wall.


Eh? Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

Welcome aboard.


I appreciate and sympathize with the sentiment, but this seems strategically foolish. Instead of actively opposing, and thus attracting blame as a lawbreaker, this is a perfect opportunity for fiscal judo. Just let the Republicans go ahead with their nutty tax cuts. This will have exactly the same effect of leaving money in the blue states, which we can use to cover all the services the federal government stops providing, but now when the consequences impact the red states, it’ll be the Republicans who take the fall instead.


Gov. Brown said we’d build a wall to keep Trump out, actually. It was meant to show the strength of our resolve to resist, not as an actual public improvement.


Go back to 4chan.


OK, I revise my previous statement.


Don’t worry, you are still right and the raving lunatic is a raving lunatic.


Okay but you have to also take consideration of the situation inside the state too because the same thing can be said of counties/cities taking more of their fair share from less well off counties inside a state.

Even though New York is a donor state according to that article, how much money New York City & long island has taken from the rest of the state has created some tension. I can say that from living a long time in western new york where every other year has an effort made by some conservatives openly trying to plan to separate western ny and the finger lakes areas from the rest of the state. So if a state like mine tried a plan mentioned in the article to create tension with the federal government like that, it could make those efforts by many of the local GOP guys a little bit easier by saying something like ‘look at Albany & NYC playing games with OUR money and not their own money’ or whatever.

Is there any chance that he’ll show his face in CA anyway?

NYC isn’t a net contributor?


Not so nice for conservatives now that “states’ rahts” isn’t only about keeping African-Americans from voting and women from making reproductive choices, is it?

Getting back to the reality-based community that understands who won the popular vote, this is the kind of effective resistance we need to see from California. This is where the state can throw its demographic and cultural and economic weight around, no secession needed.


Not to the little people, but all the big politicians duck in now and then for fundraisers. You can’t always count on the billionaires coming to you.


News reports Beavis and Don Jr are looking to expand Trump Hotels into San Francisco.

Just magine the city of San Francisco with his LOGO emblazoned on the skyline. Sauron’s fucking tower. It would also end up with a permanent protest encamped outside.


You fail at math.

Also, States rights.


quite unlike what you’re up to at the moment.


Good luck with that, Donnie. This was us last weekend.


Looks like there is room for a flaming 300 story ziggurat between the leaning Millenium tower and the Transamerica.


If you consider NYC and the rest of NY to be two separate entitles maybe. But in reality it’s not the case with politics in my area. You should have seen the political ads played every two years on local tv channels in the Buffalo & Rochester areas. They love to use phrases like “down state” a whole heck of alot, hell… even where downstate & upstate begins can be a very contentious question here

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Maybe we could try to time the Millenium tower’s inevitable collapse with the completion of Trump’s so it can take one for the team when it finally tips over.