Internet in the UK - pr0n restriction

This is all over the place this morning. The porn I couldn’t care less. Protecting the kids - yes, it’s very high on my priorities. The highest. But despite the publically stated objectives, it feels like internet freedom erosion.


I moved 14 posts to an existing topic: UK Internet censorship plan no less stupid than it was last year

Cool tool! Didn’t know ya could do that. I’m imagining that wasn’t one by one … manual …

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I just learned how to do it a little while ago myself. It’s pretty easy. @codinghorror helped me figure it out, as I’m still learning the ropes.

Any chance you can show me how? … [grins witlessly]

First you’ll need access to the admin tools. How’s your bribery budget?

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Pretty healthy, if you accept the next thing I lay eyes on. You never know!

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