Internet Service Provider blocks social media after Trump's Twitter Ban, allegedly at request of customers

There are no absolutes, outside of math.


Why the chuckle? The ISP was trying to do a Double-Popper’s. It doesn’t work.


If only positivity and good faith were nearly as infectious as apathy and hatred are, then we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘not tolerating intolerance.’


Thanks for the update from Krista Yep @agies. Saved me from going down that rabbit hole.

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Those were the days. If you were a bootlegger anyhow. :slightly_smiling_face:

But the airwaves are limited in a way that the internet isn’t. There really IS only so much spectrum to go around. That was the basis for licensing broadcasters to use it “in the public interest.” Now those licenses have become sinecures, bought and sold with only the slightest lip service being paid to “the public interest.”


Trump = |stupidity|
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25 45 > 14 88


I used to do it multiple times a day, got to where I could have someone up and running in well under a minute. The number of people who would pick it up and point it at the monitor like a TV remote, though…

Never in my life have I been paid anywhere near that well.

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Typical racist dorks who don’t know how to handle their own consumer grade router. I’m sure all their routers are still stuck with the default passwords too. Seriously, people need to stop acting like computers are magic wish boxes.


I’m sure the urban areas still have concentrations of more progressive minded folks. Still the northwest is like where all the white folk who are terrified of anyone who looks a little different seem to have fled.

It’s not just the self-censorship; back when Parler was a thing, I could quite easily “Not Sign Up For Parler”.
And this ISP reneging on its contracts to provide “Internet access” to their users isn’t the same as Twitter banning some racists or Parler banning most liberals who join it - the latter are protected by Section 230, and by the fact that they’re giving msot users free services in return for advertising.

But the RWNJs are whining about Twitter being kicked off Amazon, iPhone, and Android were cheering on President Trump when he told TikTok they were banned, and when he banned AliPay, QQ, and a whole bunch of other critical Chinese apps.


Nope, not even close.


I meant to frame my whole conspiratorial comment as the ISP protecting their customers from themselves, not that the customers would be invested in protecting themselves. So, the only option for the ISP…

Yes, the county as a whole is purple-ish, but as a region… We had the aryan nation here, the guy tried to bomb the MLK parade a few years ago, our sheriff (“moderate” republican) is on the anti fa bus loads causing damage conspiracy, but can’t produce a single arrest, and the confederate flag is down right common. Every time someone says something about the racist South, I do an internal face palm, cause wow. We got it here. Oh yeah, and this is where Rachel Dolezal is.

I’d do cites, but we had a massive windstorm today and the alley my power and internet comes through looks like a lumber camp. Edits later if I get power back.