Read the text of Trump's draft Executive Order about Social Media

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The basic conundrum for the GOP in this would be if they back Nostradumbass and in some way legislatively made this a reality…then they would also be opening companies like Instagram and Tumblr to be sued for blacking/banning what they consider “pornography” on their platform.

For a conservative this is a serious test…allow lies and deceit and hate means you have to allow the smut too.


I advise Twitter to ESCALATE by kicking trump off the service.

Whats the worst that could happen? Twitter shut down? Either way trump tweets are gone.


I think your posy presumes facts not in evidence. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the GOP thinks that any of the rules it weaponizes can or will be used against them, and there is currently not much reason to believe that they are wrong in that.



and it’s still just May, imagine when he’s desperate and has nothing to lose come October, or day after the election


Or they can change his username to “the_village_idiot” for everyone but him.


Trump’s anger was generated by Twitter fact checking him, not censoring him. Perhaps this is just another part of his campaign strategy, to intimidate platforms into letting conservatives get more leeway.

I expect the end result of this could be a Supreme Court case, but in the meantime trolls will get carte blanche to push limits even more between now and November.


I love the section that starts with the need to protect free speech at all costs, decrying Google for furnishing the Chinese government with censorship tools, but then complaining that Twitter didn’t do enough censoring of tweets from Chinese officials. Make up your fucking mind.

Seems like all that needs to be in place is adequate terms and conditions for these platforms, and they remain impervious to any influence from this order. It was always unlikely to have any real teeth.


All the lefties who were whining about Section 230: “Me am play gods!”

I see it the other way. Social media companies now have no reason to hold back on moderation, as the orange clown has blown his wad, and there is nothing left he can do to them.


Do you want to lose the American hegemony of social media companies to Europe or Asia? Because this is how you lose the American hegemony of social media companies to Europe or Asia


Can it be a “deliberately misleading tweet” if the cheeto-in-chief sincerely believes the incredible bullshit he spews?

Maybe they should change the fact checking rules to include all elected officials.


Twitter has far greater resources to bring to bear to attack Trump in the Courts.

Trump is relying on the FTC to compile possible complaints and commence lawsuits. Unfortunately he stripped that agency down to the bare bones and defanged them. Mostly to keep the FTC from attacking interests of large corporations. Which is ironic since he is looking for them to attack interests of large corporations.

Trump has brought a toothpick to a sword fight.


And for some reason Republicans are lining up to support the idea that the President can change the black-letter text of a law passed 20 years ago with the stroke of a pen.

Pity Obama didn’t know that. Of course IOKIYAR.


The history of his Twitter feed appears to be evidence that he does not believe anything he says. It’s all an attempt at manipulation of some sort or another.


So if this goes through (and isn’t immediately stayed; Twitter’s legal department almost certainly has such a petition ready to hand to a judge as soon as Trump’s pen finishes his signature) would Twitter’s legal liability for Trump’s tweets finally outweigh the benefit they get from the attention he draws to the platform?

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Trump and his cult have no current concerns other than winning November. If they have to burn down the Republican Party, America or both in order to do so, it is a necessary sacrifice. I am on the mailing list and get the most hyperbolic, ridiculous emails begging for money and support, in that order of course. 4 more years of having this clown in charge will possibly have us being required to call our country “The United States of Trump”

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That ignores how much money Trump’s tweets represent to the company. I don’t remember the figure off the top of my head, but there was a boing boing story about it, and the sum was considerable.

Fact checking and the following drama will benefit Twitter. If the orange clown didn’t showcase his detachment from reality, he would have fewer followers, less Twitter traffic and less money.