#BANTRUMP: Why Twitter should ban Donald Trump

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You guessed wrong on the pedantry. Declaring war is something Congress does, not the President.


Dear tRump,



The supreme court ruled summarily on this issue…freedom of speech is not the freedom to say anything you want. hate speech and speech promoting violence against individuals or groups is NOT protected. 45 has every right to go on Twitter and say dumb things like “It’s the biggest crowd ever!” or “They are bad dudes and up to now good!” Every time he threatens someone with violence however is not protected and that is what should get him banned. Period. End of Story.

This being said, this action would be detrimental. It would galvanize his base and add to his persecution complex. It would only solidify his stance and drive him to even more extreme measures beyond just tweeting.


Ha, did last night’s Southpark inspire this post? :slight_smile: It’s distracted driver awareness week. “If you’ve recently been elected President, then put down the phone!”


During the campaign there was hesitation from the Obama White House to interfere with what we now know was Russian influence, because it gave the appearance of partisan politics (as if partisan politics is worse than foreign espionage), and the Trump base would go apeshit (or more so anyway). I suppose Twitter could use that same logic here-- don’t want to play favorites, it will enrage the crazies, etc.

So, for the sake of decorum and proper etiquette, we are all going to be incinerated.

The bombs rain down on the just and the unjust alike.


So now all media companies must be journalist ventures?

I think you’re point is valid, that banning trump is what Twitter would do if the public interest reigned. But it reminds me of a quote from last year, about Trump. “bad for the country, but great for CBS”. (something like that).

Association is not causation. To be sure, Trump is a horrible president, an awful human being, and he carries the torch for many other awful human beings.

An environment with the immune system to ban this abusive user from Twitter, would also have the immune system to not have elected him president in the first place.

It may be too late to reinstate the fairness doctrine that Reagan gutted, but let’s not blame Trump for it. He is a symptom, not a cause. As easy a target as he is, banning him from Twitter would ultimately change nothing.


Do they need to ban him? I question that he’ll be able to cope with the expanded 280 character format.


I just can’t believe his kids or someone else with SOME clout hasn’t some how gotten it out of his hands. I mean, trick him. Make a fake twitter only he can see. SOMETHING.

Now, I am not one to think he is going to actually start WWIII with his wild comments, but he certainly is destroying any diplomatic currency we had with anyone.


I’m ready to bail on Twitter. At first, following “weird Twitter” and artists made it really interesting. I found to be a good way to get my social media fix after I had ditched FB, but at this point opening it has become toxic. The way they’ve changed the feed has really rustled my jimmies.

I’ll admit that I’m addicted. It’s becoming painful.

Does anyone else, finding themselves in my position as well, want to start a support group?


If Trump is banned from Twitter, my office small talk will revert to stilted, pro forma conversations about traffic and the weather.


Actually, I’d like to be pedantic about “declaration of war,” which is a constitutional power of Congress, not the President. So it’s truly not “a thing [US Presidents] do.”

Anyway, North Korea saying it’s a declaration of war is very different from North Korea believing that it’s a declaration of war. And both are quite different from North Korea actually going to war. And that’s what in the end matters.

I’m all for Twitter banning Trump, by the way, but my preferred reason to do so is as a personal affront to the shitbag.


The very fact that we’re still technically at war with North Korea surely means that the president can say shit on Twitter and have it be taken as a resumption of hostilities that doesn’t require Congress to declare war? Making him all the more dangerous.

The “newsworthiness” justification for keeping Trump seems problematic. Someone needs to get some media attention for publicly declaring that they’re going to murder the board of Twitter and their families, before making threats on Twitter to see if that justification holds…


I’ve reported him at least twice, once for inciting violence and once for hate speech. I wonder if there is an algorithm that would automatically block his account if enough people reported him.



Which the GOP seems intent on gutting.

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“bad for the country, but great for BS”
FTFY :wink:


Declaring war is something only Congress is authorized to do. That doesn’t stop Presidents from doing it anyway, especially when Congress is quick to abdicate that authority.


Hopefully after the inevitable conflict between US and NK is over, we can see about Trumps role in this. And if he should be charged with any federal crimes, treason or with international war crimes. While he’s President there is not much that can be done about him.

And it seems like progress on impeachment is slow and won’t make it in time before the end of the decades old cease fire. While we are in hot war, impeachment process will be suspended entirely. In a way it is in Trump’s best interest to start a real war if he thinks he’ll lose either the Russian election issue or the emoluments clause issue.

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He’ll just find another venue to say stupid things. I say give him enough rope. Eventually he trip up so badly it may be impeachable.

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Everyone has the right to speak.

Nobody has the right to use the privately owned service named Twitter.

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