Read the text of Trump's draft Executive Order about Social Media

I heard that it was a weirdly deformed and small mushroom…

That’s what this is about right? I mean it’s a yuuuuge dick swinging fight right?


Orange Julius Caesar needs to remember the Supreme Court made corporations “people.” Y’know, with 1st Amendment rights and all that.

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(I’m assuming it’s some thankless but important task, like for sociological research)

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Don’t forget, the Republican party is fundamentally evil and corrupt. A system where everyone is always in violation of some law is an ideal outcome. Take down pornography, you get shut down for censorship. Leave it up: shut down for porn.

Note further that this interacts with things like GPDR, where extremist posts cannot be fact-checked or taken down when it would do good, but the author can order them to be taken down later to edit the historical record.


I’m a bit confused here, and would sincerely appreciate some clarification. Wouldn’t the removal of Section 230 protections kinda require organization like Twitter & FaceBook to seriously increase monitoring (ie “censorship”) of users posts, in order to protect themselves?


This feels like a win-win. Either Trump tries to control social media and loses in the courts, or else he torpedoes social media in general. How great would that be, if FB and Twitter were crushed, and there were no more articles that are really just Tweet-roles? Also, Trump will muzzle himself if he loses his Twitter ability. He’s tweeted or retweeted 48 times in the last 24 hours.

Although @orenwolf made a good point about the existential threat to the BBS. Maybe this could be reclassified as a social club? In North Carolina, it’s illegal to operate a business that derives more than x% of its revenue from alcohol sales. The solution is to spend a buck on a lifetime membership to the “social club” the first time you visit.

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Trump is such a weenie. And I don’t think social media was ever intended for this kind of use or to be taken so seriously. Twitter is a shitshow.


Indeed. If we could get more and more people to take the position “that’s just Twitter. I pay it no mind.” I think we’d be a lot better off as individuals and as a country.

If one person I know comes to me and says “Cash, I think you’re doing or saying something really wrong”, I like to think I would take that much more seriously than if 237,489 people I never met were to tweet about it.

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Many parts of my brain just had a short timeout as another part of said brain announced that she was replaced by a Johnson.

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Oh I think most of his tweets are lies, attempted manipulations and smears. I was more thinking of the voter fraud and white supremacist stuff.

I’d be willing to buy that he truly believes there is massive voter fraud in the US. How else could the voter turnout not match up with his expectations? Also because I’m sure he’d be willing to commit it if he could pull it off.

The white supremacist thing, based on his public and not so public comments about POC over his lifetime lead me to believe he is sincere when making the “good people on both sides” type of comments.

Don’t misunderstand, the cretin in wrong in those beliefs but I think he’s sincere.

TBH I was just being pedantic. I don’t think it matters even if he sincerely believed 100% of the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. He’s a wretched person who should never have been elected to office much less given the celebrity he’s enjoyed so much of his adult life.

I think the first thing the next president should do is draft an executive order that removes/repeals/reverses every executive order made since the cheeto-in-chief was placed in office. Then immediately remove the clowns he’s placed in charge of federal agencies.

Yeah, yeah, It’s a bad precedent (or following a bad precedent) but it would be so satisfying to wipe out as many signs of his administration as possible within a week of the new guy taking office.

*Note that my generalities of the next president are purely superstition. I don’t want to jinx anything.

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