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Thanks for bringing me this cartoon, internet!


I am afraid to share this with my family as I suspect it might hit a little too close to home.

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I’m on the internet and I’m too distracted to read this.


That’s me, but on desktops. I don’t go out much and own a smartphone!

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Heh, that’s cute. I do use my smartphone all the time in public, but mostly as a crutch as I have extreme social phobia.

I don’t want to be the downer in a thread about a funny cartoon, but for some, when life gets shitty enough, you really can develop an Internet or a video game “addiction”. But that’s usually just a symptom of something else, like bullying for example. During the ages 13-15, I pretty much spent all my time at a computer (except when I was in a hospital). I did school work from home. I barely communicated with my family; I was so numb and locked up inside because of years of bullying that I didn’t want to talk.

That doesn’t mean that using the internet or playing video games a lot is necessarily a problem; if anything, it can be highly social. Hell, Internet is where I found my ex and my current domestic partner, as well as all my friends!

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