What we talk about when we talk about "Internet addiction"

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I was kinda thinking about that after watching that Web Junkie documentary last night on PBS. It’s interesting how detractors of new media in the west said many of the same things the counselors at that prison (if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…). Those teens treated each other much more human than the parents and prison guards certainly did and it depressed the hell out of me :frowning:


Each generation has something that the last generation dislikes about them, just think about when you listened Led Zeppelin [I] [II] [III] ten thousand times…

Remember what your Mom & Dad said about that?

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I’m going to just focus on how the opiate of the masses is a scary drug, rather than the implication that my society requires anesthetics. See, all better!


This is why many of our youth turn to technology. They aren’t addicted to the computer; they’re addicted to interaction, and being around their friends. […] And we’ve robbed them of that opportunity because we’re afraid of boogeymen.

Very good lines.


Is printing her name how she prefers it (sans caps) against some NYT style guideline?

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Only Serious, Responsible, Journalists and Statesmen are allowed to flout NYT editorial standards. She’s on thin ice writing a culture piece that isn’t a risibly dated exploration of some yuppy fad the Onion skewered months ago.


My God! Free up time? So our children can become losers? What if they run outside into the waiting arms of a pedophile? And he has drugs???


Anecdotes are not data, etc etc, but as soon as my family got the internet, I said: “Why do anything else?” I definitely wasn’t one of those “don’t go outside, you must go to afterschool activities” kids.

On the other hand, the internet gave me somewhere to belong, and also gave me my current partner, so I’ll take the addiction so far.


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