Interview with hardware hacker Star Simpson

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I thought I recognized that face!

[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:82774”]
"I love bicycle engineering and I really love [this] bike. It’s got a built in cargo rack, that I find just imminently useful.[/quote]
Looking at the photo of the bike, I wonder whether “cargo rack” means something different from what it meant when I was a kid.

Also, “imminently.”

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hello fantasy

if we are going to talk about useful tools which way does that influence our carbon footprint as I’m seriously in ages old about free space and places help me to breath well

… I’m sorry, can you please rephrase that?

I get the part where you’re looking for tools to reduce your carbon footprint, and do not think that these will help (which might tie into the “breath well” part), but I honestly don’t get what this part of the sentence is trying to say.

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I could probably tell you a chemistry joke but I wouldn’t get a reaction

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...The camera records her single gesture. Perhaps to still me, she presses my arm with a forefinger, makes visible a hypothesis of blood, its empire of words: the imprint on my body of her lovely dark hand.

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