BoingBoing Conundrum! Maker Builds Airport Scanner

This is awesome. Some guy has built an x-ray backscatter imager in his own garage using parts from Alibaba, e-bay and an Arduino. (!) He then plays TSA agent with his frozen chicken to find a hidden allen key. Do we love this or do we hate it??




Seriously, check out this guy’s other vids - he will blow you away!

I think we love it.

But first, he has to take it to market with the sales pitch that you can use it to perv on actual people by looking through their clothing.

He needs to completely skip the whole safety testing thing.

He needs to invite some Senator to be the Chairman of the Board of his new corporation, and make sure that position is handsomely remunerated.

The backlash, of course, is what we really want :stuck_out_tongue:


I did… & suddenly I have fantasies about him installing an argon/oxygen RF Plasma asher in our kitchen, so that I can clean the porcelain china from the wedding list down to an atomically smooth finish, whilst he mods the bathroom scales into a posture sensing X-box controller


(I think I’m in love…)



This dude brings the awesome sauce.

Single-handedly blazing a DIY trail through high tech… pure win.

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