Interview with imprisoned "vagina selfie" artist

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ACK!!! an autoplay video! Oh the horror.

this appearing on boingboing is surely a sign of the coming apocalypse


Thank goodness I keep sound off at all times at work.

I would be interested to know the reason why. Does the interview get into the why?

Unlike some people in the comments, I don’t find any of this funny at all. This woman should not be imprisoned and having to face charges for what amounts to, at worst, annoying people who have to WORK to find her images anyway.

In the 1970’s Judy Chicago created The Dinner Party, the art world reacted. It’s 45 years later. We now have computers that can fit on your wrist, but a woman can face prison (albeit in a different country, but still a country we would consider a first world nation) for art that shows/models/references her vagina.

Nothing is funny. Nothing is funny about OMG VAGINAS!

In the 90’s and early aughts we had the Vagina Monologues.

Now we’re working on Trans acceptance, or we should be.

Vagina acceptance for cis women should be something we take for granted by now, because it should be old school (Yay cis women’s vaginas, they’re great! Ok next topic…)

But no, no apparently not.

In, like, 2004 or something when I was still making art seriously I had an idea for a video project that referenced Judy Chicago’s Dinner party. I wish I hadn’t let myself be talked out of it.

“Too old school. Too woman focused. You’re point won’t come across because it will just look like ‘feminist art’ instead of real art, body art is so over, nobody cares or is shocked by vaginas, etc…”

Apparently they were wrong and I was right. 20/20 hindsight.

But honestly, that’s just sad, because those colleagues should have been right, well with the exception of considering ‘feminist art’ not ‘real art’ because that’s just part of sexism and racism in the art world (See: Make art about your experience as a black man or we won’t be interested… ugh all black people ever talk about is being black)

There are plenty of doldrums like this for various people who are not white men. Art is really a white man thing still, maybe even more than politics.

But I digress, my point is OMG there’s nothing gross about her damned work and it’s sad she hasn’t been cleared of charges.

It’s sad that drawing, photographing, or reproducing images or objects based on a perfectly mundane body part can land you in prison more easily than raping people.

Look, honestly, let’s all take a moment to recognize that this is fucked up.

And yes she has talked about WHY (text only):

Numerous times. This has been featured on boingboing before, with interviews with her.

(I’m not saying that to complain to the site content creators for posting this story again, but rather because if you frequent this site this has been covered and the why questions have been linked to in multiple interviews.)


What the heeeeell. I’m at work and this damn video autoplayed and it took me forever to figure out what damn tab was playing the video. I’m glad i had my headphones plugged in but still that was annoying af


Also I don’t know what browser people are using or what settings, but the video didn’t autoplay for me.

Sadly no, the “why?” regarding an autoplay on BoingBoing never does get addressed in the video.


So now I have to add Boing Boing to the list of sites I can’t visit at work? Walked away for a second and came back to hear “VAGINAS! VAGINAS! VAGINAS!” blaring out of my computer. Couldn’t even figure out where it was coming from for a while.


Are you under the (mistaken) impression that BB only posts things its posters find funny?

Certainly agree with you there! “Artistic genius” still evokes a white man, while other kinds of artists can only be considered great within their group’s limited cul de sac of subject matter.


Wow, one auto play has completely derailed a discussion about an important issue like women/fear of female body parts. Maybe Boing Boing could learn from this…

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No, I’m responding to other comments, but since there were more than one I figured it better to make the statement broad rather than single a specific person out. Sorry for the confusion.

. I’ve been on boing boing a long time. We know each other, though likely under a different name, from this site. I’ve had to change names twice now for various reasons, and I took like a year hiatus from most things internet for personal reasons.

But I remember you, and my writing style and irritability will probably give me away quickly if I keep posting.

So no, I’ve seen BoingBoing go through many changes, and that’s certainly not what I meant by that.

What I meant is that I find it irritating that so many people do find it funny because vaginas.

(Edited the original post for clarity)

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So sad that ‘MIGHTY MANLY MEN!!’ are so terrified of vaginas. That’s the only reason I can think that the government used to lock up this woman.


Boing Boing is already blocked at work for me unless I’m working from home or on my phone. It didn’t used to be blocked, but then again I’m in a role that has greater security protocols and maybe some of the content hit their filters. Political sites are also blocked, so it’s not just porn, they really really do not want you making comments from their location I assume. Fair enough.

I wouldn’t have anyway, but I guess some people don’t know any better.

Sorry. I hid the video


Vulva. Vulva. Vulva.

Please people. Use the correct term.


Yay, Rokudenashiko! And for all the vulva/vagina purists, it should really be “pussy,” which is the closest translation to the Japanese word she uses.


There are vagina festivals in Japan, right? I know the penis festival has a bigger world recognition but I wonder if the vagina one has better context in this case.

Replying to give you +10 likes.

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What’s interesting here is that it isn’t the government that US readers know all about, but the Japanese government, which is embedded in a different culture with very different traditions. Is the motivation of the Japanese lawmakers actually the same as that which drives superficially similar Christian-embedded Mother Grundies? And how do they rationalise that in a society which has penis festivals and the myth of goddesses flashing their vulvas in order to cajole the sun goddess Amaterasu out of her melancholy cave?