Interview with Timothy Leary archivist Michael Horowitz

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How a scholarly hippie got pulled into the orbit of the psychedelic revolutionary whom then-President Nixon labelled “the most dangerous man in America”


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Maybe I’m “old-fashioned” using the “blog” view in my browser (hey you kids! Get off of my icons!!) but why did I have to see all of that article on that one page?


It seems to happen with guest writers. Either they don’t have access to the same tools or none of the regulars have told them how or why they should use the “more…” feature that continues the bulk of a long post onto its own new page.

That’s my guess at least. I don’t think anyone here is being knowingly iconoclastic or annoying. Except maybe for that Beschizza guy. :smile:

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I straight up decided to leave it out. It’s been a long while since we had a long-ass obscure deep dive into psychedelic culture! You will eat your greens and you will like them!


My question would be: Why is the text font set to 18.2px when viewing on a PC screen?!


sheep eating greens


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