Interviewing adorably tiny animal with an adorably tiny microphone

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Some animals are more talkative than others:


For some unidentifiable reason the idea of a vulture named “Bartholomew” tickles me.

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Here’s a handy dandy tool for avoiding posts and topics that one doesn’t wish to read on BB:

For the readers’ convenience, this tool exists on every post.

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Thank you. It’s not clear to me what a red line through a speaker is meant to demonstrate. You are aware I am questioning the framing of the article, not the right for it to be there? After all, this is a forum set up to discuss the posts from the main site, is it not? Whether that comment is to praise, or otherwise (hence, ‘forum’).

You can’t be serious, yo.

That symbol is on tv’s, computers, phones and all manner of tech that makes noise, and google is a thing.

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I’m sure that everyone here is as concerned as you are about the care and treatment of the animals. It may be helpful to review the first minute of the video where Maya – apparently dedicated to and loving her career as a Zoologist – very clearly points out the state and federal credentials and bona fides of the sanctuary. Such videos serve to make more and more people aware of the incredible animals we share this planet with, and in doing so helps to save and preserve them.


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