Absolutely wonderful finalists of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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Junior polar bear hitching a ride is just precious! Happy Friday.


do bears **** in the woods?


And do they make a sound if nobody is there to hear it?


this is awful anthropocentric… bears can hear too! :bear:


I hope PETA doesn’t find out…


Thank you @pesco we needed this today.


Yay! Fresh grist for the memes!


Now they’ve figured out how to use birds to spread chemtrails too!


Bears: “A little privacy, please.”

Photographer: “Privacy? You’re doing it on a hill, out in the open! Besides, nobody will see your faces.”


This one is the best:


Thanks, @pesco. You had me at the caterpillar.

I know how difficult some of these must have been to take. I hope the people get real money and fame out of this. I love some of the photos.


…and no more selfies par lease


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