Polar bear cub meets snow


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Nice vid, tho that soundtrack and the constant speedups needed to stop.

Polar bear cubs sell themselves, guys.


I like the soundtrack and announcer – but would have liked more just polar bear.


The announcer and music reminded me of America’s Funniest Home Videos in the worst of ways. Just play the footage of polar bears, the over dressing of the video is obnoxious.


I’m reminded once again how much more self-sufficient other species newborns are compared to human cubs.


You made me glad I never turned on my speakers! :grin:


Is this enough?


No? Maybe this?



I enjoyed it more than the post’s video, I must say.
Here, have a another one, with some calmer editing.


Two thoughts:




True. Besides what some other post on the BBS said lately: we can see ourselves in them, can’t we?


You can almost imagine the meeting at Intelligent Design…

There is a flip-chart headed “Polar Bear Design” with bullet points…

  • half-ton carnivorous killing machine
  • 3-inch teeth
  • 5-inch claws
  • fuzzy all over
  • cute little round ears
  • shiny nose for booping

A person is pointing at the list and saying “Is it just me, or are we getting mixed messages here?”.

Some days I heckin miss Gary Larson.


They are so METAL!!! :metal::metal::metal:


Watching this without audio, I got the impression that Mama bear was trying to take a break from the cubs. She slides down the hill and rolls in the snow saying, “Whee!” Then the cubs get up and follow her, racing each other for a first shot at breakfast. In the end, they catch up with her, eat, and climb all over her - again. Her attempt at snow spa day thwarted, she returns to the den, with the cubs on her heels.

Maybe no one should give me a job narrating videos! :laughing:


Yeah because humans use sophisticated CPUs with embedded FPGAs, which can be extensively customised with boot-time cultural microcode, whereas polar bears use 8-bit processors with minimal ROMs. Outdated and sad.


With all the Speed Ramping I assumed the video was directed by Zach Snyder. :wink:


You’re pretty good at this.

Added info: it’s -49°C outside. Mama bear has lost half her weight already, and is mobilising her last reserves to her mother’s milk now. Soon, they will do hunting seals together.

Fun fact: we used to do alternative commentary for Blue Planet, at home, after being overwhelmed completely by a first showing on the big screen. It was great fun, especial if we weren’t sober.
Later, we discussed documentaries with our students.
They weren’t completely sober, either, apparently. Sometimes felt like MST3K. On a very brainy level, sometimes, but still hilarious.

It’s time to do that again.
BP 2 is coming.
And I bet it will be worth driving some hours to an IMAX.


Thanks! You’ve inspired me to find some MST3K online soon. It will help kill time until BP2 hits the big screen.



That bear’s all: “I promise that if you pet me, I won’t take you home by the arm and eat you, tasty human-snack. Just look at my little earsies and my big wet nose…”

edit: added more funny.


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