Polar Bear Livecam


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Now that’s a polar bear fight.

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I’d love to be wrong about this, but part of me is trying to get ready to say goodbye to polar bears in the wild. From birds dying from too much plastic on midway island, to starfish wasting disease on the shores of my home town, it looks like we’re going to be living with much different seas than we’ve been used to. I’m glad for projects like this, while there are still animals to take images of.

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These “wonderful creatures” are one of the few predators that will go out of their way to stalk and kill humans. Grizzly bears are cute and cuddly by comparison, and garden-variety black bears might as well be teddy bears. Watching them at great remove through a webcam is a much better idea than seeing them up close and personal.

For all the “respect for ancient aboriginal insights” that the modern left-o-sphere professes, they seem strangely resistant to observations by the Inuit regarding current bear populations… which runs along the lines of “Dying off? Hell, there’s bears everywhere. Don’t listen to us though, carry on with your studies, what do we know, we only bloody live here.” Images of charismatic macro-fauna like a bear on a scrap of ice mesh so well with the climate narrative that it’s impossible to derail them. There’s a reason northerners call us City-ots.

Yup. Nature is dangerous. Better pave it all, before someone gets hurt!

Ha. If only. Construction up there is on permafrost, not pavement. Or, these days, on “used-to-be-permafrost” which works about as well as you would expect. A friend just travelled way north and came back absolutely shocked at the price of everything, which gets trucked in during a narrow window and otherwise needs to be flown in. It’s a very very interesting environment up there, and a younger me would love to learn how to live there. Older me is heading back to his comfy recliner.

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