Man fights off bear attack near Yosemite, then drives himself to hospital

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Well, the ambulance would be too expensive.


The bear has not yet been found, but will be killed when he is, they
said. The nature of the attack left officials with no other options.

Why? Because American revenge culture, err justice? Because the bear acted like, well, a bear? Because some god allegedly placed humans above other critters and they mustn’t discover that humans are actually made of meat?


Presumably this:

A bear will usually make its presence known, and see what the human does. For one to just straight out attack is very rare.


Maybe people in areas were bears are common should lock their rubbish bins away. Maybe put them in a cage or a shed. You could put them out right before the collection and maybe the bins could be engineered to be more bear proof.


Silly starving bear, must have not read the memo!


Would likely take twice as long…
When ya live out in the boonies, ya usually drive yourself to the emergency room (or meet the ambulance at a halfway point)


I know someone who is a ranger in a national forrest on the other side of the country. I’ve heard her complain in the past about how common it is for people living in the national forrest not properly securing their trash, they complain about wildlife causing a nuisance, eventually there’s an incident like this that means the animal has to be destroyed.

That may not be the case here, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind.


Because the bear has learned to eat from human garbage piles and has lost the usual/natural fear of humans. He/she will be trouble/dangerous from now on.

That’s why you always make sure you never ever feed wild animals, either unintentionally or intentionally: you end up risking their lives as well as yours.


Because the bear acted like, well, a bear?

This incident happened on the next road over from me so I’m familiar with the situation. The thing is, this bear didn’t act like a normal bear. It was extremely aggressive and almost killed a guy. This may put it in perspective: We are located 35mi from Yosemite National Park, where bears and tourists are constantly bumping into each other, yet far more people are injured by deer in the park than they are by bears. We see bears all the time, and they usually run away as soon as they see you. It’s a pity, but this particular bear needs to be put down. [Edit: And the guy’s neighbors were pissed that he was being careless with his trash.]

This will cheer us up - a bear in my back yard! No, we didn’t kill each other.


And here’s my Bear Saver brand bear-proof trash can. See all the scratches?!


Is it promoting the evolution of super intelligent bears? Could the bears be used to defend America against the Russians?


According to some ranger, commenting on bear-resistant trashcans, there is a considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest bears and dumbest tourists.


I’m gunna have to say, even as a top predator, bears might commonly run away from that which they don’t understand but once they understand that humans are potential prey, it is completely in the nature of bear to hunt and kill human. It is not unusual, abnormal or unexpected behavior from a bear. From a human perspective it is, of course, unwelcome and unpleasant, but that’s nature; don’t like it? Don’t live in or near a nature preserve.


Their true allegiance would be suspect.

Might be an idea for Canada though:


Or on a planet with other living things!


Yosemite bears were shy and reclusive around people for thousands of years, people are rarely hurt despite hundreds of encounters every year, and now an incredibly bizarrely acting one decides go after humans - but we should just roll with it because it’s the natural course of things?

Where is the line between near and not near drawn? How do you tell when it’s far enough away that you would agree that the bear needs to be put down? This was 35 miles away from the park as I understand it.

As for your assertion that bears normally hunt and kill humans that’s a bit off base I think. They’re mainly omnivorous foragers not hunters. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of one but I’m not worried about them stalking me down like prey.


I was attacked by a bear once that wouldn’t take no, I just beat him off.


So now we’ve pissed off bears and sharks.

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