Invader's "Rubik Mona Lisa," made from hundreds of Rubik's Cubes, expected to get $166,000 at auction

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IB4 “I could do that, where’s my $166,000?”

's like $500 per cube, not bad!

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Would you also accept, “Shoot, I’d do that for 50k”?

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I hope the winning bidder is a Rubik’s fanatic who can’t resist the urge to start solving all the cubes.

Anyway, now that I see how he set it up, I can go buy a whole buncha Rubik’s Cubes and make my own, probably only cost me a fraction of the winning bid. Maybe I’ll go him one better and make it from the rarer Chex Cereal cubes that General Mills used to offer.

Copy it faithfully - many times - and flood the market. How will they know the original?


I don’t see the problem with this reaction. Especially since it isn’t an original piece, but based on a pre-existing work, and it’s a series of mechanical objects that literally anyone could set into that pattern. If someone had painted that pattern on a canvas, it would, IMO, show more talent than the work in question. But whatever, art is worth however much money someone will throw at it.

It’s not even clear if that money is going to the artist. It’s possible the piece is being auctioned off by its current owner. At least the artist bought the cubes and put some work into making it, even if the idea isn’t very original. The bulk of the $166,000 might go to a collector to reward them for, uh…recognizing the picture’s value?

$166,000 seems weirdly specific.

I couldn’t, I’m far too lazy.

It’s approximately 150,000 euros, the auction is in Paris.

I often see a couple of Invader pieces on my way to work.


I had an app on my first smartphone, maybe 10 years ago now, that would do that to my photos/images.
Let me rewrite that: some clever boy or girl MADE AN APP a decade ago that would do that to photos/images.
The results were cool.
Hope they made at least €150k from their work (though IIRC the app was free).

If the opposite side depicted a different famous painting, then I’d be impressed.

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