Inventor makes device to escape from Zoom meetings

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It’s rather obvious its a prop, but as a prop i think its funny and well done. To sell the fake loading wheel i think it’d be doable to have a separate program insert the loading animation into the webcam feed, possibly even add frame freezes and fake lag.

I hate to nitpick something clearly labelled “Let’s make a useless machine” but this is all I got:

“飲み会” is actually a drinking party more than a meeting. in this case, it’s just online.

Brilliant machine for whatever it’s used for…

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Hilarious. Oh man, her twitter feed is so good, even not knowing enough Japanese to make any sense of it. The self-sabotaging selfie-stick, the cup-and-string “telephone” for talking to yourself, a Simone Giertz-style business card exchanging machine… this:



As expected, our lord of Chaos, Subject F has entered the playing field!

It would sure fool me!

Often the simplest solution is the best.


I guess you need to make the bottom bit transparent…

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