Inventor of Chicken Tikka Masala dies

Jeeze Rob! “picky Western vulgarity”!? Indian & UK cuisine had been combining for 300 years - hang on …the UK didn’t actually exist when that started (& “India” too sort of).
Kedgeree for breakfast (or supper) is a wonderful thing …and you’ll prise chip Shop Curry Sauce from my cold-dead-hands! :wink:
Namaste & Assalam Alaikum mate.


Looks great.

And @Grey_Devil i may have talked my cooking down. I make an absolutely banging channa masala (my secret ingredients are amchoor powder for sourness and clove powder cooked into the oil for Ayurvedic heat). I do various kinds of tarka daal depending on how much time I have. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find gluten free hing here which is a pity. I love my children leaving the milk out in the summer as it’s an excuse to make paneer for non vegans. I also make a “butter chicken” that’s not actually butter or chicken but scorched cauliflower and coconut milk. It’s surprisingly good. You can also make a vegan korma. I never bothered with korma until recently but the kids liked it and a vegan version is actually really good.

I meant that my “Indian” cuisine is at best desi based and a fusion. A British fusion at that.


I was raised in the pit of south asian-inspired British nutritive slurries. Molded by it. I didn’t see a real tandoor until I was already a man.


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