Investigator in Secret Service prostitution scandal resigns after being caught in a prostitution scandal of his own


Should this be filed under “Irony” or “Hypocrisy”?

Gosh, it’s almost like prohibiting prostitution is as pointless as having a War on Drugs…


Jesus Crumpet.

Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal?

I mean, hypocrisy is always worthy of ridicule, but why is it a SCANDAL! for consenting adults to use their squishy bits behind closed doors without everybody else having to approve the details?


While I agree with you that the laws regarding prostitution are almost certainly causing more harm than they are preventing, your logic doesn’t really work.

I mean I can light campfires and I can tour historic buildings, why is it illegal to do both at once?

bit of a strawman there…

The point Mike was making could perhaps be phrased “selling services is legal” and “doing particular activities/services is legal”, why is selling X-legal activity not legal. An example would be “selling services is legal” and “Teaching kids to read is a legal service to provide” therefore reading tutoring is a legal service.

Fucking is a legal activity (given certain constraints of participants and locations), and selling services is legal, therefore why is prostitution not a legal service.

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First of all, we all seem to agree that prostitution laws are dumb and it should just be legal.

That being said, I think the logical analogy is perfectly good. Once you combine two things that are legal, there is a chance that a new context gives us a reason to make them illegal. The justifications that are being used to justify making a new prostitution law in Canada right now, for instance, if they were true would constitute perfectly good reasons to make a specific activity illegal. It’s the fact that the justifications are pure BS that makes it dumb to try to bring in the new law.

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I was actually quoting Saint Carlin, but-


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