Cop fired for exposing department policy where cops have sex with prostitutes, then arrest them


The linked article has absolutely nothing to back up the story. I am dubious.

The article is dubious; you are suspicious.



It’s about time someone outed this guy.


Maybe dubious is msaunier’s real name.

It’s good enough for Hawaii.

Definitely legit. But the suit was filed months ago.

This is several kinds of messed up.

Aren’t there laws against the solicitation of prostitutes? The prostitutes should arrest them first.


Marty Wunderlich?

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Well how do you know for sure they’re prostitutes? Maybe they’re just pretending, better make sure.


This happens to me all the time. I break into people’s homes and pretend to steal stuff that I forget to give back because I’m an unemployed actor doing research for any possible parts I might get in the future as a criminal. This pays for the meth that I use as research for any drug-user parts I might also audition for.


I’m dubious about your dubious claim to a single definition of “dubious”.



So, it looks like all of the various repostings of this boil down to one blog, The original article appears to be missing, but it does have a few PDFs that were not pulled down, one of which is the transcript of the Fort Smith civil service commission, regarding the termination of Sgt. Don Paul Bales. It’s worth noting that this blog appears to be run by Matthew Campbell of the Pinnacle Law Firm, who is named as Sgt. Bales council on the transcript.

Now, I got to about page 140 before giving up, but… this matter has absolutely nothing to do with prostitution. The nut of it is, Sgt Bales had a buddy who was a (probationary) probation officer, and it appears that this officer’s supervisors recommended that he not be brought on permanently due to incompetence. Sgt. Bales then made a complaint about this determination to the chief, it went up to Internal Affairs, IA determined that the whole process was correct.

The nut of it is that Bales did not seem to take this very well, and what proceeded was Drama. Bales was suspended for 5 days as part of said drama, which was actually the chief taking his part (a panel recommended by a 4-1 vote termination, at one point).

Bales, suffice to say, did not take it well, made some angry posts on Facebook about the department (which was against policy) agitated for a vote of no confidence in the chief by the FOP, and was ultimately fired for making the department look bad and polarizing everybody.

I don’t know whether he was ultimately right or wrong, but his chief did fire him for what seem to be legitimate reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with prostitution. Seems like an attempt to get back at the department that fired him, but the original source is gone, so who can say? I couldn’t find anything other than secondary reports out there.

I don’t have in any way a dog in this fight, but this was a pretty flagrant claim of abuse of authority, and it did not take much digging to turn this stuff up. Perhaps a case of Internet Echo Chamber gone awry? In any case, don’t believe anything you read (including this). Go out and find what I found for yourself.


For what it’s worth, here’s the original story from the local news, KFSM

Though this story appears to be legit, it’s always a good idea to locate the original newspaper/news station article rather than rely on an aggregator that has an ideological axe to grind (and so may not have the complete story). I have nothing against aggregators, but you should always at least find the original news reporter who filed the story.

Kudos to msaunier for doing the deep dive on verifying the facts of the story.


Joel Robinson?

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Forget homes, banks are where it’s at when you’re doing research for a film.

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Interesting sidethread on a certain word, since I’ve wondered about that word, but never quite enough to look it up. I rest content now, knowing that dubeity can reside in either the grammatical subject or object.

Thanks, BB gang! :thumbsup:

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This situation could be turned into an awesome recruiting video.

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Kind of like a variation on the old mock Army recruiting slogan:

“Join the Army, travel the world, meet interesting people and kill them”

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