iOS keyboard promise 100 words per minute


…and 67 words typed within a minute with that thing will be accurate.

As a fanatical Swype user, I think I know what I’ll be trying out this evening.

I hope it supports actual punctuation; having to settle for inches and foot marks are my biggest complaint about Swype on iOS.

yeah, we could either create insane intelligent interfaces, OR make ourselves better typers


“Once you learn how to use it, it really is quite good.”

So this is finally going to make all our Dvorak keyboards obsolete?

I’d pay $49.99 to have Graffiti from Palm OS on my iOS device. No shit.

The learning curve is more akin to a vertical cliff. The UI is so poorly-designed that I still don’t know how I exited the training guide – and I was desperate to exit, because I’d been going through it for fifteen minutes. Sadly the training manual is required, because the interface is relatively non-intuitive.

Biggest overall issue is it doesn’t auto-suggest corrections for misspelled common words. For example, ‘keyboard’, as in "Sorad im tyringo t thes new keybrod

its suskc"

It’s not stupid. It’s ADVANCED!

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I don’t think I’d go that high, but I agree: Graffiti would be awesome. I had it on my Newton. No egg freckles for me.

This post intrigued me. The video persuaded me, I bought it.

I shoulda read the comments first.

The slidy-tappy interface is insane. If you hesitate, or go slightly off a direct route to the next key, the result is a typo clusterfuck.

Also, it didn’t want to start up. This turned out to be a good thing, because it gave me a legit reason to get a refund from the App Store.

(Yes, they DO give refunds, but they don’t make it easy. There’s no way I know of to do this through the App Store app, or via Settings. You have to enter an ol’-fashioned URL, thus:
Then you sign in, find the app, “Report a Problem,” and tell the truth, or at least the truthiness. You will be rewarded with your money back, and you can then delete the app, as I just did.)

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