Iowa principals asked to wear bodycams

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" if the cameras are used that day. "
Apparently the principal decides what is recorded.


Do students have the right to record on premiss? They should if others have the right to record them.

Same should be true of employers and employees. Many employers record, but also include clauses in manuals or contracts restricting the employees ability to do the same

Of course, it should really just be universal law. If others have the right to record you, you should have the right to record them. Restricted zones would disallow all surveillance recording of any kind without explicit permission per instance (law offices, psychiatric offices, bathrooms, changing rooms, closed personal homes, et cetera).


Ferris Bueller would have some fun with this.

Superintendent Pat Coen told The Des Moines Register that the
move is meant to improve personal accountability among school
administrators. His own experience with body cameras was formed while he
was serving in Afghanistan with the Iowa National Guard

What’s next, mounting heavy machine guns on the cafeteria counter? To me it looks like that guy has some serious trouble integrating back into civilian life. They should put him on leave until he had his head examined for post-traumatic stress disorder and similar conditions.


In our last contract negotiation, the school district wanted to get rid of a contract clause that said something to the effect that teachers would not be recorded without their knowledge. They were at the time planning on building a brand new school and wanted to wire it in a way to allow cameras in every classroom. The new teacher evaluation requirements made it too hard, they said, for administrators to physically go to a classroom and observe teachers, so they wanted a system in place to do so remotely. I think body cameras are really just the beginning here.

Many teachers are still old enough to think of this as intrusive and easily misused, but kids are unfazed by the surveillance culture.

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Yes, students should be able to record meetings if they are being similarly monitored … but that’s nothing new. As teachers, we work under the assumption that students can be recording at pretty much all times. I’m not sure how some administrators would react if they knew a student was recording an interaction, but most of the ones I know would get used to it pretty quickly.

Where things actually get sticky is where student info comes into the picture, since that is privileged information. For example, a student can record a conversation with me about his/her grade, but some lawyers would argue that I would be taking on some serious liability if I recorded that same conversation because of the federal privacy protections around that.

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Trouble with bathrooms is that this is where all the underhand deals are done. We need to see these.

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Um… If you had said that military tactics are not appropriate for high schools, I would have agreed with you. What you said, however, is flippant, unhelpful and small minded. I shouldn’t have to say this, but vets don’t have a virus or affliction that makes them violent and undesirable. They’re not gods, but they don’t deserve to be generalized in an way that smacks of homophobia or any other group discrimination out there.

That one particular guy this article is about seems to have some kind of affliction, that’s all I’m saying.

They’re not gods but they don’t deserve to be generalized in an way that smacks of homophobia or any other group discrimination out there.

I have nothing against ex-military people. They’re my favourite kind of military people. For the others, I stick to what Bill Hicks said about gays in the military: “Anyone dumb enough to want to be in the military should be allowed in”.

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