Security expert offers hacking advice to students whose campuses have implemented pervasive wireless surveillance

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I sure hope some enterprising students will find a way to track administration members and teachers using this.

I expect there to be much outrage about the invasion of privacy of said admins 'n teachers. I double expect the hypocrisy of the outrage will be completely lost in the process.


I can definitely tell you, if my college had tried to force us to install the app I’d have probably made them take me to court to do it.

Beacons would likely have been covered in lead paint as well.


If this sort of system gets implemented at your university, and it’s state run, and said state has some form of FOIA law, please put in for any and all information about it that you can. Next step: publish the holy hell out of any info you get.


Ooh, if I were a CS prof I would totally supervise an independent study on this. Purely theoretically, of course.


I suppose that the fine people at MuckRock might be able to help me; I’ve never done anything that needed an FOIA before, but I just ended up in a stalemate situation where I believe I’m not going to be able to take my standard existentialist “to choose to not make a move is in and of itself a choice” position.

I’m still gathering information from other sources but, short of automating the retrieval process, I may be getting dimishing returns from the amount of time I invest versus the quantity/quality of information I’m getting back.

The real answer is to take it to Student Government, protest at the dean’s office, go to the board, anything but actually hacking the system because that shit will probably get you expelled.


Puhlease!! Back in the day, we had some wackos run for UT Student Government on the Arts and Sausages ticket whose main plank was to abolish student government as wholly unnecessry and only of use to the frats and sors (which was exactly correct). They won and they did.


I am banging my head on a keyboard wishing this technical reality stopped creating stupid orwellian people for no reason

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And what you learn in school will be useful later in life when Sidewalk Labs (or Palantir) cruises into your town.


Sorry, your lack of context lost me. Are you connected to the story in the BB post, or are you talking about something totally different?

There is a site out there that automates the FOIA process, FYI.

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