iPad and iMac updated


that’s it? thinner and a fingerprint reader?

And a 40% faster cpu and 250% faster gpu. It’s an iterative update, that’s usually about all you would expect. Oh, and it also has the M8 motion processor and barometer found in the iPhone 6 series as well. Hooray?

Even less impressive is the iPad mini 3, where the only new difference is the fingerprint reader. Same size, same chipset, same everything else.

That new iMac though… Yum.

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If you don’t like the updates, you’ll probably appreciate that the previous versions remain available but for $100 less than before.

Surprisingly enough, I find the updates to the Mac Mini to be the most intriguing news out of all of it…

It’s annoying they have dropped the quad core models. I’ve got a 2012 dual core model that is getting a little long in the tooth for my uses, but the new ones don’t really have more CPU power, and it looks like the 16gb of ram and large SSD/HDD may not be transferable. I don’t really want an iMac as I already have two really nice NEC monitors, and the Mac Pro is a little on the steep side.

The iPad Air 2- what a clunky name- will be a good upgrade from my very well used 3rd gen model.

And now with added high-resolution fingerprint and iris images to be added to the NSA database for future reference and your protection.
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