Apple may pop an updated iPad Mini in 2019

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I remember a time when people mocked the iPad as completely superfluous before it found a market given how often people want something that hits the sweet spot between phone and laptop/desktop.

Now I wonder as people are trying to “reduce their screen time” if a contraction is in order? People aren’t going to get rid of their phones but they certainly could use their iPads less …

I’m stunned. I figured the iPad mini was scheduled for official decommissioning next week as Apple moves toward making every one of their mobile products unreasonably enormous.

That said, I’d love it if Apple did actually update the mini. It’s the perfect size for an e-reader and second-screen companion device, which is how I use it mostly. My wife and I both have one, but mine’s a first-gen that’s stuck on iOS 9 and functionally on its last leg, and hers has a cracked screen. Given how long it’s been since they’ve gotten an update, we’ve been holding off on getting replacements until there was some more concrete sign that the mini was either getting updated or getting canceled.


What, like a balloon?


I also remember when “iPad” was a funny name that people couldn’t get used to and made jokes about.

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That title sounds vaguely sexual. Now I’m picturing an Apple logo holding open a trench coat, waving it’s iPad mini about. I suppose it could just be me.

…and unreasonably thin

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