Apple to stop making iPhone 12 Mini, my favorite model

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Pro Max myself. Old eyes need bigger screens.

Oh the days we mocked those oversized phones. Apple should have called it the iPhone 12 Mini Max Pro, just so you don’t feel inadequate for buying the smaller one.


Love the size, hate the battery life.


I definitely intend to get the mini, but my iPhone SE 2 isn’t dead yet!

The “likes a small phone” crowd and the “only upgrades every three years” probably overlap a lot.


I got an iPhone 12 Nothing, and almost immediately wished I’d got the Mini, partly because this rumor has been out there since almost day one, and I may not have the option in future.

The only thing that’s actually new here is the claim that they will make another generation in the mini size. If so, I might trade my phone in this xmas.

But you can’t trust Apple rumors, especially ones about what’s in Apple management’s heads. I believe the the Mini hasn’t sold well, but that just means it’s made them billions, rather than tens of billions; if they think it’s a marketing win there’s no reason they have to stop making it.

I would guess there are a lot of people who would have considered it if they could have tried it in a store, and there are certainly lots of people who would complain about not having the option even if they don’t end up buying it.


But you could get a Mini with a battery case, and now that even works with wireless charging and (future) dashboard mounts. I doubt it’s a coincidence those two things happened at the same time.

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I’m there with you. I was a die hard 1st gen SE fan and the 12 Mini is the real spiritual successor to that for me. I just don’t want a larger phone. 12 Mini is the ideal iPhone.


This is a good example that enthusiasts aren’t always market leaders.

I know a few people who swear by their Mini’s/SEs, and detest the larger form factors. But as Apple’s on-again-off-again relationship with the form-factor shows, there actually isn’t enough of a market for them to sustain (at Apple’s scale)

That, or Apple has estimated the market and figured they produced enough to meet demand for this generation.

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I’m clutching my iPearls right now.

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Maybe if Apple made it, it would be better. The cases I tried added too much heft, even if they were MagSafe.

I would bet there’s a lot of people who say they want a smaller phone when they can’t have one, but given the option, they don’t want to go back to reading and typing on that smaller screen after all, especially now they’ve accommodated themselves to the slightly bigger phones anyway.

Maybe it’s one of those things, like paying with cash, or fuel-efficient cars, where demand for the option is much greater than demand for the thing itself.

I have this phone. I’m sick of the basic glass coaster design all together.

Give me more buttons, not less. I don’t need a phone that folds. I do need a battery I can swap out and a headphones jack. I do want a volume that controls only the ringer and another that controls the volume of the media that plays.

Also, why is it that a phone has to be the best selling to stick around? Why can’t we have a selection of features and phones and various price points?

But most of all, I want a phone that I can plug into my laptop and can just peruse my files. Photos in a photo folder for example. Drag and drop to move files around. The software is what I really hate these days.


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