iPad Pro turned into the best classic Mac there ever was

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I have a defunct powerbook G3 (Pismo) that I can’t bring myself to throw away, but it might be possible to fit an 11” iPad inside the lid and do something like this, so you’d also get the benefit of the good keyboard and small but pleasing trackpad. I guess the thing would be to put a whole bunch of battery in the hollowed-out lower case for balance.

If I can clear a couple of my existing timewasting projects, maybe I’ll check the dimensions and see if this could work. It seems plausible, since the pismo has a 4:3 display.


Do you have to swap diskettes continuously to run programs such as Pagemaker?


one question: can it run HyperCard?


This fills me with joy.

Well “only mostly”, you can ship an emulator as long as it is set up to only execute things you ship with it. So you can find authorized collections of arcade games and they are very likely to use an emulator.

There is even no particular requirement that you have particularly strong security (for example lots of emulators use to let you drag files to them via iTunes, “for debugging”, and were accepted into the store and asked to fix it when it became public knowledge…iTunes file dragging isn’t a thing anymore, but you could likely do it via iCloud file sharing…).

Not super relevant here though. Probably a lot of overlap between people that want to emulate old macs & are competent enough to run xcode just to compile a project though.

It’s System 7, so yeah, it should be able to. I…really need to do this.

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