iPhone 7 series Lightning audio + charging adaptor $10

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The reviews for this are awful. Please maintain some journalistic integrity and either share the facts about the quality, or don’t promote the product!


It works absolutely fine in my car. I do not bother with other people’s reviews when my experience is otherwise. This will not change.


Your site, your choice to endorse products or not. However the iPhone 7 is still stupid. The audio jack is not an obsolete connector no matter what Apple maintains.


It might have been more tolerable to drop the audio jack if they put two lightning sockets instead of one. But they didn’t.


I guess a spare lightning connectorvwould be more versatile but… Meh.

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Ok, then they could have redesigned their charging cable with a pass-thru lightning socket so you could plug in audio at the same time you charge.

Either idea eliminates the need for a special cable adapter


If this doesn’t scream “trust our products”, I don’t know what does.


I just returned one of these to Amazon. All of the similar products appear to share a flaw: there’s an intermittent short between the audio and power. It will produce horrible static in the audio and inconsistent power to your phone.

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Still lovin’ my iPhone 5s.

They sold 78 million of them last quarter, so I’d say most people don’t mind.

yeah and facepalmbook just hit 1.8 billion

Why don’t you just stop buying their bullshit? The only thing Apple is the best at anymore is selling a fake image.

Q: Is it convenient for me if I always hang out?

A: Yes, I am an outgoing man and such a cable just good enough for me

Trust level +1

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