Iranian woman sentenced to 6 years in prison for writing unpublished story about stoning

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Even though I don’t ultimately endorse them because they don’t work, I do understand and sympathize with the motivation behind interventionist foreign policies aimed at forced regime change.

Hell, if Trump is elected, I’d understand if people around the world longed to force a regime change here.


It’s a good thing she didn’t publish it, or she could’ve gotten in to some real trouble.


She’s not in trouble for lying, mind you. Saudi authorities have no quarrel with the truth of her account. They just don’t want it heard.


Because imposing the Shah on the Iranians worked so well in the first place.


As I said, it doesn’t work, it always backfires for both the interventionists and the country being interfered with. I just understand wanting to drag some regimes from power and strand them on an island somewhere.


How dare she distribute her writing by hiding just where the authorities would go snooping!


I am amazed at how few people seem to know the history of Iran and how it ended up a theocracy, which is why I thought your post needed expansion.

I didn’t even mention Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or El Salvador.
I was talking to a Bangladeshi friend this morning and we got onto British India - as she said, the British took over India by accident, but the long term effects there were very variable, with Pakistan and Bangladesh not exactly being success stories.


It’s hard to see how they’d have an opinion here…


Yup, we’ve been fucking up Iran in the grand European tradition since the Anglo-Soviet Invasion, and Western misadventures in Persia go back to the Napoleonic Wars, that’s before you delve back into the Crusades. I agree it’s a Very Bad Idea. I just see how people get seduced by it.


So don’t take a copy of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” into the Middle East. Got it.

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I, for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords.


Amazingly, the difference between Saudi and Iran is that in Saudi judges can more or less make up laws as they go along (something is a crime because a judge decides it is) whereas in Iran they do actually have a developed legal code, which of course has had sharia grafted onto it since the revolution. Basically the Shah ignored it for political enemies, the theocrats weakened it. But they do have a legal system.
Also, apparently, the educational level of most Saudi “judges” is abysmal - much worse than the average English lay magistrate, who is at least advised by a court official - whereas Iranian judges are well educated, within the confines of Islamic education.

That’s probably why she got six years in Iran versus stoning in Saudi.


sentenced to five years in prison for insulting Islamic sanctities

Come and get me, I’m insulting all sorts of sanctities right now.


I’ve been considering sanctifying some Iranian insults lately.

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Tell me again how I can support Trump’s bid for Sharia Review Justice in Iran? #ShariaLawReview #MakeStonesGreatAgain #GhostwrittenByTheDonald #ExtraditionYugeAirMiles


Stoning to death is one of Iran’s most controversial punishments… It sparked an unprecedented global outrage in 2010 in reaction to the high-profile case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a woman
sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.

Unprecedented global outrage…how does it work???

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