Portraits of imprisoned Iranian girls awaiting capital punishment

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Still, at least Iran has criticised Saudi Arabia for executing peaceful protestors against the Saudi Government, so nobody can accuse them of hypocrisy.
Well, not in Iran, anyway, if you don’t want to be executed.


GD American foreign policy is just the worst - the absolute worst.


If only we had someone we could trust in charge. Like a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone who wouldn’t dare associate with nations like this.

I don’t remember where/who but I recall that a “benevolent Richard Potao-head” was the best answer. History kinda - kinda - bears that out where we see great advancements (not all of them, but some) under “kind kings” (& queens n such).

Bottom line is, we - as a species - are in our infancy when it comes to ruling our populations fairly. We’re stuck in the past with everything we do in that regard, but serious change is the only way out and the only way forward.

I recently (again, don’t recall where) saw a plan to move 20K people to a NE state to take over the vote there. That points to one of the key problems, if we haven’t figured out how to rule, having a super huge population is only going to make it more complicated. Totally don’t know where I was going with this…

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Religious fundamentalism is the enemy of gender fairness — in all countries.


Fundamentalism of all stripes is the enemy of justice and morality. Certainty is all too often the root of atrocity.


But there’s nothing quite like the threat of nuclear annihilation to force you to deal with unsavory characters, is there?

Give me a break.

  1. Iran doesn’t have the capability to make a nuclear bomb.

  2. They don’t have a way to get it over here. Their rockets are not powerful enough and they are a long way off.

  3. Even if they did, they wouldn’t attack us because it is the last thing they would ever do and they aren’t really that crazy.

  4. Right NOW they have ability to send people over with military grade explosive and bomb malls, government, buildings, schools, etc. But they aren’t Why? See No.3.

Speaking of, and as much as I hate to say it, Best Korea isn’t entirely wrong when they build nukes to keep the Americans away…

  1. The whole point of the deal is to prevent this from happening.

  2. They can hit remote American installations with missiles not to mention allies including Israel which one of their leaders infamously stated should be wiped off the map. Plus Iranian state sponsored terrorism is legendary. No place in the world would be safe from a smuggled Iranian nuke.

  3. Probably true. But all it takes is one terrorist to slip its leash.

  4. As I said, Iranian state sponsored terror is legendary. They are already bombing buses and firing missiles at their enemies. And they do it because they can’t be held directly responsible even though everyone knows they do it. These aren’t people you want to entrust with a nuke.

How would disengaging from Iran make women and girls in Iran safer?


It wouldn’t. Nothing we can do will make them safer.

How so?

Engagement is an important way to help challenge repressive conventions and support members of vulnerable groups who are trying to escape abuse.

Engagement with western culture helped inspire Dalia Ziada, (Egyptian blogger) to join the “pink hijabis” and campaign against “. . . domestic violence, female genital mutilation and other social problems rooted in misogynistic interpretations of Islam.” She was partly inspired by a western comic about Martin Luther King.


We can inspire people, but change has to come from within.


So there’s something. :slightly_smiling: I agree.

There’s more than one way to help women and girls outside the U.S. who want to escape and/or reform oppressive theocratic institutions (i.e. their families).

Increase visas and immigration quotas, provide direct economic support, lobby the U.N., publicize Iranian repressive practices, work to deescalate and demiltarize the region, sponsor conferences and cultural events in the middle east, share knowledge about statutory reform, train legal and law enforcement professionals, fund 24-hour crisis lines and underground emergency shelters, fund scholarships . . . it’s a long list.


Thank you Captain Non-Sequitur.

This shitshow goes both ways. There is no reason we should be giving a pass to our Saudi pals for doing the same thing as the Iranians. Fuck both governments and our dumb policies which enable both, in their own ways.


Does Iran have laws against executing virgin women, laws they get around by raping virgin women so they can be executed?


I can’t tell who’s telling the truth about this claim…

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Ugh, that’s horrible. I don’t know if it’s true…

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