Iran's Revolutionary Guard announces new attack drone with thousand-mile range


“I learned it from watching you!”

This will all end in tears.


This was announced a year ago almost to the day. I wonder why it’s news now. Foreshadowing or just keeping the pot simmering?

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The same thing happens regularly around here; last month we had a news item that was actually 30 years old. But it took a click-through to find out, so there’s that.

So it has a 1062 mile range, and a 24 hour flight time…does that mean it flies at 44 mph? That seems pretty slow, but wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for what is basically a powered glider. On the other hand, that means wind is a huge issue for this drone, as even a mild 20 knot headwind would cut your ground speed in half.


So, basically, they upgraded their version of Photoshop?


No, the range and flight time are independent. It can stay airborne for 24 hours, regardless of where it goes or what pattern it flies. It could fly circles for 24 hours if the throttle setting was its most efficient. If it’s sent out on a flight and goes straight as an arrow, it can fly 1062 miles with the throttle at its most efficient, at a speed probably faster than 44 mph. It’s not a matter of 1062 AND 24, but 1062 OR 24. As for how fast it would fly or how far in 24 hours (at its most efficient) I have no idea, and how fast or how long it would take to fly 1062 miles I don’t know.

That’s assuming they’re actually telling the truth about this thing. There’s apparently video of it flying, and building a drone isn’t THAT difficult, but the Iranians are known for producing pretend stealth aircraft.

“an attack drone that hit both fixed and moving targets.”

Of course, that should be “that hits both fixed and moving targets”, or “that can hit both fixed and moving targets”.

Considering we just had a US plane come up to the side of an Iranian piloted plane and told him, “You probably should go home now.”, I don’t think any drone they came up is going to be very effective. I think QuadraCator is more advanced.

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