Iraq bans fake bomb detectors


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Now we’ll never find those WMDs!


Important: These are fake [bomb detectors] not [fake bomb] detectors.


They should use dags.


But if they give false positives as well as false negatives aren’t they both?


TSA could use the latter


Come to think of it, these things are about as accurate as the experts at TSA. So remind me who went to jail?


Reposting @agies’ clever response in @frauenfelder’s repost.


It’s a pity McCormick can’t be prosecuted for manslaughter for all of the people killed as a result of relying on his “detectors”, along with the MOD staff who went along with it.


Took them long enough.

The sad part is this wasn’t even the only one on the market. I wrote an missive back in 2015, and I counted AT LEAST eight, including the bogus one here.

The really really sad part is a jury in Texas can’t even convict the bogus company that sold something just like this to law enforcement in the US. None of the cops that got duped were willing to admit they got duped, so even the FBI can’t convince a jury to convict.


Says you!

Mine detects fake bombs just fine, thank you very much!


Some days I really wish I’d had the foresight (haha) to start a company manufacturing dowsing rods for more-than-usually-pointless-purposes. My dedication to money hasn’t yet tempted me to evil but I can’t quite convince myself conning money otherwise destined to evil ends would be ok. :sweat:


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