Iridescent insect sculptures from ewaste



Reminds me of that Danny Dunn kids book of the 80s where the professor makes a dragonfly sized drone controlled by VR goggles and gloves. I think the science-nerd kids are trying to keep it away from the CIA or other gov’t agency.
(edit) Here it is, or ISIT

Reminds me of something the characters would invent in this awesome book I’m reading - “Makers.”


These look great, but (perhaps from working in the electronics industry) I end up analyzing what they were made from.
The patterns on some of the wings look like circuit traces, but I don’t recognize the material or color.
I’m also surprised to see through-hole components with such long leads for the legs—that seems it would be pretty rare in e-waste.


Dat typeface!

I’d like to know what the wings are made out of as well. Delaminated pcb layers maybe?

As to the long leads, it might depend on the definition of e-waste. I have dumpster dived bags of components still new in packaging before. One time literally a typical 55 gal trash bag stuffed with components.


I think the wings are made from CDs or DVDs with the top reflecting layer stripped off.

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They sort of look like they could be tiny covert drones

In the future, oppressive surveillance will be art.

Well, I hope there was still room left for lube…

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