Ironically the "Last of Us: Part 1" for PC release has been plagued

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it’s interesting to see the intersection of Sony deciding to release their hit playstation games on PC and also insisting on using PC porting companies with a horrible reputation.

To be fair, the PS3 had a wildly-unusual system architecture (7 differently-specialized CPU cores, if I remember correctly), so porting to/from it is more technically challenging than you’d expect.

I’m told that the PS5 version is the one getting ported (for Steam Deck verified anyway).


Welp, no excuse then. :neutral_face:

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To an amateur like me it sounds a bit like the “release the beta, we’ll get it to work eventually” vibe which seems to be the norm with PC game releases.


I finally caved and ordered a new video card which should be arriving this weekend (broke a 20+ year run and bought an AMD card this time instead of an nVidia one).
I found out after buying it that it comes with a free copy of TLOU, so I guess I’ll see for myself. But my PC runs pop!_OS, so I’m not the expected consumer.
I’m kinda hoping that as happened with Elden Ring, the game runs better through Proton than natively.

pretty sure naughty dog themselves did the port.

i think it’s more like a remaster, because they’re apparently using the last of us 2 engine and some of the assets from the sequel in place of the original ones

they originally teased it’d be available towards the end of last year, then set it for the start of march, then delayed it till now

“These additional few weeks will allow us to ensure this version of The Last of Us lives up to your, and our, standards,” Naughty Dog tweeted today


they’re normally such a great studio. they must have been overwhelmed trying to get part 2 done

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Nope, Iron Galaxy (of Arkham porting infamy) did the PC port.

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huh. looks like you’re right, different then what id heard. ( wow they’ve done a lot of ports! )

I am still hearing from friends who paid that the nightmare is real.

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