Red Dead Redemption II's latest trailer reminds me which gaming console I'm supposed to buy

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Me still waiting for Red Dead Redemption to come out on PC:


…reminded me which gaming console I’m supposed to buy.

The Switch?


Logic dictates that with the continued proven success of GTA on PC, Rockstar would be mad to not put RDR II on the PC (albeit after their typical long delay). But the continued lack of a port for the original throws all logic out the window and I’m not holding my breath or anything.

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The legend sez that the code for RDR is so spaghetti it would need a total rewrite, and who wants to spend real money on it, especially as it would be immediately pirated.

I say it would take enterprising hackers three months and 20 minutes to port it.

Have you ever tried Europa Universalis 4? I runs on macs, and everyone I know who’s tried it, including me, has never been able to go back to Civ.

If Red Dead Redemption 2 was an Xbox one exclusive it would have been cancelled by now.

Yeah, PS4 is great. That switch tho :star_struck:

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There were two previous games neither of which ever made it to PC.

That’s what they say on all them intranet forums.

But it doesn’t explain why the first one never made it. And we’re in a market where HD re-releases and heavily recoded remakes/updates are normal

I wouldn’t expect this to make it to PC. It’s a series that’s been running for 14 years. And for 14 years the PC market hasn’t been able to play it. So there isn’t really a built in audience, history of sales etc to build on in that market.

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This is the correct answer.

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hows eu4 compare to eu3 and eu2?

Don’t hold yer breath, Rockstar cares little about us in the PC world.

There’s quite a few great PS4 exclusives you should give a try :slight_smile: Also the remake for Shadow of the Colossus is amazeballs, i was obsessed with the PS2 version and the new version is really special. The Uncharted series is also great, including the last one and there’s also Bloodborne if that kind of game is up your alley. There’s also the Okami HD remaster, Last of Us in HD and the second game will eventually come out pretty soon.

I’m currently making my way through the new God of War game. It’s great (if you ignore how 2-dimensional Kratos still is), honestly i’ve been greatly enjoying the Nordic context/story in the game. Hmmm, i’m sure there’s more games to recommend.

I’ve been long forward to this since I first completed rdr when it first came out. Funniest part is, I would never bought rdr without having been extremely pressured by a friend. It quickly became one of my favorite games to date.

I may have to find someone to borrow a playstation from to play just this game and then give it back. Just like I did with the original on the ps2 (it was 2 right?).

Yeah it was a PS2 title. It really doesn’t take long to finish the game if you’re not trying to 100% it since that involves multiple playthroughs on various difficulty settings. If you have a friend with a PS4 you can knock it out in a single day if you’re fast, but you can casually finish it in 3 days or so if you still know your way around the bosses but still take your time.

I was just editing my comment to add stuff, I’ll just reply now :slight_smile:

The game is more of a remaster then a full remake. It’s the same game just with vastly improved graphics (and some other small improvements). It looks really pretty and I would not say no if someone asks me to play it, but I won’t be going out of my way to play it again.

If anyone reading this has never played it before, please don’t take this as anything less then a glowing recommendation for playing it, I just don’t think it necessarily warrants a second play through.

Nah it’s a remake, there are zero assets from the original game. Everything was redone from scratch in a new game engine. Of course they went to great pains to make everything look and feel as close to the original as possible.

The newer version is really beautiful, and not just visually. While playing i instantly recognized that i was hearing new sounds i had never heard, you can hear reactions, groans and stuff from the colossi, bird calls in forests, babbling brooks, etc.

Or you could look for used consoles and maybe buy both?

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Alright, I guess I was using the wrong terms.

What I meant to say is that the actual game play hasn’t changed, the Collosi (is that how you pluralize?) are the same, the world is the same.

Those are the interesting bits, I don’t care thát much about the visuals, if those are all that is “new” that is not enough for me to give it another go.