This new Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay video makes October feel so far away

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Look at it this way: that’s three months to replay the first game entirely or collect some outfits and achievements.

In order to control myself I don’t keep a console at home but use a friend’s. When I was in the middle of playing the original story he’d always ask if I was “varmint hunting”.

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The video looks pretty good in general, but I’m worried about exactly how much “Horse Brushing Simulator” I’m gonna have to play not to get bucked every time I try to gallop.




I just preordered it yesterday. Nice timing. I like what I see so far, but I’m with @doctordave, I’m not keen on having to do “chores”. I guess we’ll see how invasive it is.

The pc hate is real at rockstar

What, you’ve never heard of Ocotberfest at Minuch?

Ech, hard to get excited when the video oversells all the ‘innovation’. A lot of this doesn’t look too unfamiliar from the first game at a glance. This isn’t innovation as much as expansion and taking some current popular open-world trends (you can be mayor, er sheriff, of you’re on post-apocalyptic ranch!). Not to say the world doesn’t look impressive, but the presentation felt cynical.

Also, wasn’t it confirmed somewhere that this would have loot boxes or some kind of micro transactions? Sorry, innovation boxes.

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