Is anybody else bothered by the way the new ads cause the pages to get longer and shorter?

I was just trying (and largely failing) to read the Martin Shkreli post. First, the ad expanded and drove the text I was reading below the fold. I scrolled down, continued to read, and then (presumably) the ad contracted and the text I was reading scrolled up above the fold. This is, to me, astonishingly user-antagonistic and really counter to what I have come to expect from Boing Boing. If this were my first time here, I’d have surfed away and written the site off

(And yes, Boing Boing Bosses, this is my second post on the topic. Will you please consider allowing others to chime in rather than closing it out of hand?)


Yes, this is super annoying and makes the front page unfriendly.


Wait… there is a front page to this place! :wink:


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