Ads - we need your help


As mentioned in my earlier post, we’ve been trying to track down the source of some malicious, autoplaying audio ads that have started appearing on the site.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to reproduce the issue consistently enough to determine which of our ad partners needs to dig down to find the issue (needle in a haystack doesn’t begin to cover the situation because of this).

This is where you can help us.

Do you frequently get stuck with an annoying autoplaying video ad with audio, or an ad that takes control of the screen, or an ad that pops up over our content? If so, we’d like to try disabling our ad networks one at a time to see if the situation resolves itself.

If you do receive these ads regularly, please:

1 - post here that you are able to help us test
2 - post a screenshot and URL (if possible) of the ad (or at least where on the page it was, and what it was for if you can’t do screenshots, then
3 - Tell us if the problem disappears when we disable our ad partner.

With your help, we’re hoping we can finally elimate this issue.

Thank you!


More about the pinning. This drops down into the noise after I read it. I was expecting it would sit at the top of the BBS like I see pinned topics on other boards.


I saw it half-way down the New page but then it was at the top of Latest , which seemed odd.


Same here.

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It’s not a banner, I just wanted it to surface once. If you can’t help, no need to see if repeatedly.


Fair enough. I would suggest keeping it up at the top for a few days just so it gets noticed though.
(I use an ad blocker and click out to articles from here so I am not the best user for this)


Do ads that fart out little blurts of audio count? I’ve had those for a while.

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counts in my book. Do you get those most times you visit?

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Fairly regularly. At least when I’m browsing with sound on. Seems to happen in articles most often and when I try to scroll down to figure out what’s doing it the sound stops. I generally thought the problem was on my end since I’m using Edge in the latest Windows 10 Insider build. But I guess not?

Last time it happened another ad started auto playing with sound a little while later. I couldn’t get a screenshot of the exact one but it was one of these:


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