Bad Ads

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing a 3m filtrete ad that autplays sound and cannot be closed/reported.

I vaguely remember some.bad ads being reportable elsewhere before but thought I would mention this particularly annoying one to the admins.

Everything else is fine (for me) :wink:

This may help

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I can’t replay to the old thread because it’s closed, so here’s a new thread.

I’m seeing/hearing ads on BBS today that autoplay with sound. There seem to be no controls on the ad to stop or mute it. The previous thread noted that this is not allowed so hopefully an admin will take care of this shortly.

The ads I’ve seen are from but there may be others.

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Similar complaint here. It seems to me there used to be a topic in Meta for bad ads but I can’t find it now. Meta is probably the best place for your comment.

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I understood that Meta was for issues with the BBS itself, bot the main web site.

Moved to Meta.

It is extremely important to use the “report a bad ad” link at the bottom of any page to report broken ads. That page has the correct configuration to collect the cookies used by ad providers so that our partners can track down the actual ads you saw.

Otherwise if you need to provide more detail -after using the link mentioned above_, you can email that info to as well.

Thanks for the help in tracking these down.


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